Fans Unfollowing Hollywood Celebrities in Droves over Their Israel Remarks

Hollywood celebrities who choose to speak out against Israel in order to protect it from terrorist attacks by Hamas are paying the price of losing supporters. Online posts accused of saying too much or too little about events in Israel since the barbaric attack on the Jewish state on October 7 have been challenged for […]

Colombians turn out in droves to protest 50% gasoline price hike

Colombians took to the streets in thousands in cars and motorbikes to express their anger over the recent petrol price hike by the government of President Gustavo Petro. The protests came amid growing dissatisfaction with the leftist Petro government. Gasoline prices in Colombia have risen by 5,000 pesos ($1.21) over the past year. Thousands of […]

Blue City Struggles With Police Officer Recruitment After Droves Of Retirements: REPORT

According to the New York Post, New York City is having a hard time recruiting police officers after a large number of experienced officers have retired. The New York City Police Department’s (NYPD) police exam in March far exceeded the department’s expectations for applicants, with 1,300 people applying to take the exam, compared to an […]

NYPD Cops Leaving Force in Droves

In New York City, more police officers are reportedly rushing out as crime is rampant in their communities. news come He declined to say why he submitted his resignation following the resignation of former New York City Police Department (NYPD) chief Keecchant Sewell, NBC New York reported. report June 14th. on the other hand, new […]

Williamson Says ‘Droves’ of Young Voters Will ‘Stay Home’ if Biden Nominee

Democratic presidential candidate Marianne Williamson has said that if President Joe Biden is the Democratic nominee, a “flock” of young voters will be “at home” on Election Day. “I think that video was very off the mark. People are feeling it,” Williamson said. Said of hills rising About Biden’s announcement video. “I think an entire […]

Influencers are feeling NYC in droves

The concrete jungle may not be what you dream of. At least not for many content creators who have decided to trade the bustling Big Apple for a calmer lifestyle. Paige Lorenz Boasts 410,000 followers on Instagramshe told The Post she thinks “we’ll see the waves.” people fleeing the city. The 25-year-old from Vermont told […]

Report– Austin Police Officers Quit in Droves: ‘They Feel Disrespected’

The left-wing city of Austin, Texas, is facing a police shortage, with current and former officers citing hostility to law enforcement and conservatives as a driving force. new york post report on friday. multiple sources said director The report said the city had more than 300 vacancies and officials were resigning “because they felt neglected.” […]