Influencers are feeling NYC in droves

The concrete jungle may not be what you dream of. At least not for many content creators who have decided to trade the bustling Big Apple for a calmer lifestyle. Paige Lorenz Boasts 410,000 followers on Instagramshe told The Post she thinks “we’ll see the waves.” people fleeing the city. The 25-year-old from Vermont told […]

Report– Austin Police Officers Quit in Droves: ‘They Feel Disrespected’

The left-wing city of Austin, Texas, is facing a police shortage, with current and former officers citing hostility to law enforcement and conservatives as a driving force. new york post report on friday. multiple sources said director The report said the city had more than 300 vacancies and officials were resigning “because they felt neglected.” […]

Cops quit woke Austin, TX, in droves

Texas’ wake-up capital Austin is in the midst of a police crisis, with more than 300 vacancies and officers resigning after feeling neglected, multiple sources tell The Post. Told. Lt. Brian Moon, who retired last month, said, “It’s a hostile place if you’re in a conservative or law enforcement agency, just like Portland, Seattle, or […]


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