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Trans Activist Group Pressuring Corporations To Cover Child Sex Change Drugs In Insurance Plans

Transgender activist groups are pressuring companies to cover sex-change drugs and genital surgery for children. The Human Rights Campaign (HRC) is an LGBTQ+ activist group. champion Childhood sex-change interventions, such as puberty suppressants, cross-sex hormones, and sex-change surgery. Since 2002, the HRC has Corporate Equality Index The CEI survey evaluates companies based on their commitment […]

Ozempic and other GLP-1 drugs could reduce arthritis symptoms in some, experts claim

Ozempic used to treat arthritis pain: report Fox News medical commentator Dr. Marc Siegel appeared on “Fox & Friends” to discuss his views on Ozempic’s use to treat arthritis pain and why some doctors are warning that some medications may affect heat sensitivity. Popular Drugs Weight loss Some anecdotal reports suggest that diabetes control may […]

Users Of Popular Weight Loss Drugs May Contract Rare Blindness, Researchers Warn

In a study published Wednesday, four Massachusetts-based researchers warned that users of drugs such as Ozempic and Wegovy, which contain the active ingredient semaglutide, a currently popular weight-loss pill, may be at risk for a rare form of blindness. Reports from users of semaglutide-containing medications prompted researchers to explore the question of whether use of […]

8 NYC men busted for dealing drugs, guns next to Yankee Stadium: DA

Eight Bronx men were indicted this week on charges they trafficked drugs and guns to undercover officers and other buyers a block away from Yankee Stadium, prosecutors announced Wednesday. The defendants, including seven suspects from three families, are charged in a 108-count indictment with operating for more than a year from a store and van […]

Hefty pets may benefit from Ozempic-style drugs, experts say

Watch out, Garfield. A version of Ozempic, the wonder drug that helps people lose excess weight, may soon be available for overweight cats and dogs as pharmaceutical companies race to develop products for man’s best friend. A recent small-sample study by start-up Okaba Pharmaceuticals found that a similar appetite regulator helped cats lose 5% of […]

Other than using great drugs, how can Biden cheat at the debate?

Have you heard of the 16 experts who have been hard at work in a Hollywood-style studio inside an airplane hangar for the past week putting together a case for Joe Biden ahead of Thursday night’s presidential debate, a la Sandra Bullock in “Congeniality”? As a former member of the Screen Actors Guild, I can […]

Health insurers cover fewer drugs and make them harder to get – NPR

Health insurance companies are tightening their lists of covered drugs. Darwin Brandis/Getty Images/iStockphoto Hide caption Toggle caption Darwin Brandis/Getty Images/iStockphoto When it comes to prescription drugs, insurance coverage is different than it used to be. Insurers’ formulary lists of drugs are shrinking: In 2010, the average Medicare formulary covered about three-quarters of all drugs approved […]