Experts warn over ‘wobbly’ US economy, Biden’s economic ‘lie’

“Kudlow” panelists Steve Moore, Kevin Hassett and Steve Forbes react to the president’s planned major tax hikes. The US economy is showing signs of health and growth, but two experts warn that the economy is more “unstable” than it appears. “The economy is growing, but gold prices are showing signs of volatility in the dollar,” […]

German Chancellor Pushes for Closer Economic Ties in Visit to China

BEIJING (AP) – German Chancellor Olaf Scholz arrived in China on Sunday for a visit that focused on the two countries’ strained and divergent economic ties over Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Scholz’s first stop was the industrial hub of Chongqing, where he and a delegation of ministers and business leaders took part in a partially […]

Pennsylvania Senate hopeful Dave McCormick lays out economic priorities

EXCLUSIVE — Dave McCormick, the Republican contender in Pennsylvania’s Senate election, said he wants to use his experience as a prominent business executive to cut federal regulations and pare back the administrative state. McCormick, 58, is a West Point graduate and combat veteran who has made a major name for himself in the world of […]

Strippers sue Alabama club over ‘socialist economic system’

Two Alabama strip club dancers are suing their former employer for several alleged violations, including a “socialist” tip-sharing system. Former dancers at Sammy’s Strip Club in Birmingham, Alabama, say the club’s owners “imposed a socialist economic system” by demanding that tips be shared among the club’s staff as part of an “illegal tipping pool.” he […]

New York ranks last in economic outlook study of all 50 US states

Kevin OLeary, Chairman of OLeary Ventures, and Morgan Ortagus, former State Department Spokesperson, discuss how New York City’s congestion pricing and state policies are impacting businesses. New data shows New York state’s economic outlook is the worst among other U.S. states due to its high taxes and regulatory environment. American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) Annual […]

1 in 3 Zoomers Have No Income, Poor Economic Outlook

Recent research shows that one in three Gen Zers have no income and the economic outlook is poor. The study was conducted by the St. Louis Federal Reserve’s Economic Equity Institute. Indicated Compared to 1 in 5 people in 1990, these “orphaned youth” have no income and no job. Deseret news: As a result of […]

Eclipse bringing potential economic windfall to Texas cities, price gouging

(The Center Square) – Monday’s total solar eclipse will cover more areas in Texas than any other state. A total solar eclipse occurs when the moon passes between the Earth and sun and lines up with the sun, blocking all of its light, NASA explains. “As the Moon blocks the Sun’s light, it casts a shadow […]


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