Friend of Justice Clarence Thomas says he never broke ethics rules and has receipts to prove it

Friend of Clarence Thomas Shows Supreme Court Justice Didn’t Violate the Code of Judicial Ethics for Not Publicizing Vacation Trip with Billionaire Business Friend and Republican Donor Harlan Crowe He said there was well-documented evidence. a Survey of ProPublica According to a paper published in April, Thomas’ close relationship with real estate developer Crowe has […]

House Ethics Committee ends probe into Swalwell’s interaction with Fang-Fang

The House Ethics Committee announced Tuesday that it would take no action against the California Democrats after completing a two-year investigation into Rep. Eric Swalwell’s relationship with alleged Chinese spy Christine Huang. “As you are aware, on April 9, 2021, the Ethics Committee filed a complaint alleging that you may have violated House rules, laws, […]

John Roberts says Supreme Court ‘continuing to look’ at ethics standards

Chief Justice John Roberts said Tuesday that the Supreme Court “continues to consider” its ethical standards in the wake of recent controversies. At the American Law Association’s annual banquet, Roberts said, “I want to assure people that on the final matter of concern within the court, we are committed to ensuring that the court adheres […]

House Ethics concludes Swalwell probe into link to Chinese spy, taking no action

The House Ethics Committee has concluded a two-year investigation into Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-California)’s interactions with alleged Chinese spies and has decided to take no further action. The committee informed Swalwell of its decision in a private letter dated Monday and said it had no plans to make the letter public. “As you are aware, […]

Garcia vows to demand timeline on Santos Ethics probe ‘every single day’

Rep. Robert Garcia (D-California) sent House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-California) a timeline for the Ethics Commission investigation into Rep. George Santos (New York) the day after the House opened. I am asking the public to provide it. He voted in favor of referring the resolution to banish Santos to a notoriously slow commission. and letter […]

Republicans block George Santos expulsion, refer matter to House Ethics Committee

House Republicans Wednesday blocked an effort by Democrats to remove beleaguered Rep. George Santos (RN.Y.) in a partisan vote to refer the issue to the House Ethics Committee. Seven Democrats, including all five members of the Ethics Committee, cast their votes, with all Republicans voting in favor and all Democrats voting against. The ouster bill […]

Where do we draw the line on ethics in public office?

Assuming the Republicans still care about their image, this has been a bad, bad, bad, bad week for the GOP. It wasn’t all that good for CNN, airing 75 minutes of primetime President Donald Trump, best described as political pornography.Guardian summed it up As the “lieviathan of lies, the giant ship of junk, the ocean […]

Press: Unanimous SCOTUS decision: Who needs ethics?  

I have to admit that it would be boring if we all agreed on everything. No need to argue anything. Still, there are at least three issues today that I think we should all agree on, in fact. First, with an average of one mass shooting per day, Congress needs to do something about gun […]