A healthier option than the Magnificent 7? Meet Europe’s ‘Granolas’ – CNN

Stefan Vermes/Bloomberg/Getty Images Nestlé headquarters in Vevey, Switzerland, photographed in February 2019. London CNN — The Magnificent 7 Tech stocks have contributed significantly to the extraordinary rally in the U.S. market. But there’s a rival group of companies that has delivered even better returns by some measures, pushing European stocks to new heights. These 11 […]

Europe’s Crypto Kill Switch Has Arrived – The Daily Hodl

HodlX Guest Post Submit your post European data law came into force in January 2024 and contains far-reaching requirements that could force smart contract developers to comply with strict requirements. – Termination of live smart contract, etc. – Even if smart contracts are immutable and therefore cannot be modified in any way. “Safe Termination and […]

If Republicans abandon Ukraine, don’t expect Europe’s support on China

If Republicans abandon Ukraine, don’t expect Europe to follow America on China. Beijing poses unique global challenges. The threat is not ideological like the Soviet Union, but economic. However, not all of America’s European partners share the US government’s threat perception. Far from it.European growing trade Aside from China, last year French President Emmanuel Macron […]

OpenAI’s ChatGPT breached Europe’s data privacy rules, Italian agency says

OpenAI could face a hefty fine after Italy’s top technology watchdog accused the creators of ChatGPT of violating Europe’s main data privacy law. And the issue is reportedly related to a failure to police content aimed at younger users. Italy’s data protection agency, known as Galante, announced on Tuesday that it had notified OpenAI of […]

‘Wake up!’: Europe’s Ukraine warning

The petition was made by a delegation of foreign affairs committee chairs from each country. 6 European countries and Canadamet with U.S. lawmakers on the sidelines of difficult negotiations over border security policies that are blocking major funding packages for Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan. “In reality, America needs a wake-up call too.” said Alicia Kearns, […]

Europe’s longest-reigning monarch makes last public appearance

Queen Margrethe, Europe's longest-reigning monarch, concluded her final New Year's celebrations in the Danish capital before abdicating on January 14. Thousands of people braved sub-zero temperatures to cheer on the popular queen in her final public appearance as king. The 83-year-old Queen will hand over the throne to her eldest son, Crown Prince Frederick. Queen […]

Democrats urge Biden to follow Europe’s lead on strict tech regulations 

A report says Democrats want President Biden to pursue a trade policy that supports new European Union regulations that target the market power of big tech companies and create barriers to trade. asked them to reject the claim. letter sent Wednesday. The letter builds on support for the EU's Digital Markets Act (DMA), which came […]

Everything To Know About Europe’s Landmark AI Regulations

Brussels: European Union policymakers and lawmakers on Friday reached agreement on the world's first comprehensive set of rules regulating the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in tools such as ChatGPT and biometric surveillance. They are expected to finalize details in the coming weeks that could change the final bill, which is expected to take effect […]

Europe’s populist ghosts are coming for Biden

Europe is starting to fall apart, due in no small part to the Biden administration’s lack of resolve to quickly end the Ukraine conflict with a decisive victory against Russia. President Biden is giving oxygen to anti-war populist European voices such as Geert Wilders of the Netherlands, Robert Fico of Slovakia and Viktor Orbán of […]


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