Small plane crashes in Maine after experiencing engine failure

The plane crashed less than a mile from the airport due to engine failure, state police said, leaving the 62-year-old pilot with minor injuries. The yellow single-engine plane came to rest nose down in a thicket of woods Thursday afternoon, and Bradley Marson was walking around the scene when state troopers located the crash site. […]

Fetterman opens up about experiencing death, thinking he’d lose Pennsylvania

Sen. John Fetterman “effectively” died from a stroke that nearly jeopardized his success in the Senate last year, but said he also no longer fears death. “I didn’t have a near-death experience. Technically I was dead,” says Fetterman, now 54. told Men’s Health About the medical episode that left him hospitalized two days before his […]

Singapore Experiencing New COVID-19 Wave, Warns Heath Minister

Singapore’s Health Minister said: “We will treat this as an endemic disease.” (representative) Singapore: Singapore is hit by a new wave of coronavirus infections and more people are expected to fall ill and be hospitalized in the coming weeks, Health Minister Ong Ye Kung warned on Friday. Ong Ye Kung said the estimated number of […]

Experiencing discrimination could increase obesity risk: research

According to , experiencing discrimination can increase negative health outcomes such as obesity. Research published this week. Researchers have found that when people are exposed to discrimination, their appetites are stimulated. The stress caused by discrimination increased cravings for unhealthy foods, which led to stress-related weight gain. In the study, published in Nature Mental Health, […]

Biden admin gives $5 million to fund ‘trauma-informed’ care program for journalists ‘experiencing online harassment’

The Biden administration is $5.7 million grant This will be used to create a “trauma-informed” care program for journalists who are “experiencing online harassment.” Daily Caller News Foundation It was reported on Monday. Grants are awarded by: National Science Foundation Participated in George Washington University’s Expert Voices Together program. NSF provided the university with its […]

Comic Hasan Minhaj Admits He Makes Up Stories About Experiencing Racism — and Doesn’t Regret Smearing Real-Life Acquaintances

Comedian Hasan Minhaj has fabricated multiple first-person stories of facing discrimination, including a racist attack on his daughter, to support his stand-up comedy career and politically-themed TV show. admitted. Minhaj was born in the United States in 1985 to Muslim Indian immigrants. daily show and his own Netflix comedy series, Patriot act with Hasan Minhaj. […]