5 myths about schizophrenia, according to a mental health expert: ‘Huge stigma’

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Lupus expert debunks 7 common myths about the autoimmune disease

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Cohen’s bombshell admission could lead to hung jury, if not acquittal: expert

Trump’s former lawyer Michael Cohen admitted in court Monday that he stole from the Trump Organization, further damaging the disbarred lawyer’s credibility and at least leaving the jury unable to reach a verdict. legal experts told FOX News Digital. “After last week’s cross-examination, I think Michael Cohen’s credibility as a witness has already been significantly […]

What happens in the event of Raisi’s death? An Iran expert weighs in

A helicopter carrying Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi crashed into a foggy forest in Iran’s eastern Azerbaizin province on Sunday. Speculation mounted about what would happen in the case of Raisi’s death and what it would mean for Iran’s internal politics, as multiple emergency workers launched search and rescue operations. Fox News Digital spoke with Benam […]

Schools across country disbanding DEI programs in droves; education expert explains why

The Supreme Court’s decision banning the practice of affirmative action in college admissions last summer joins a variety of state laws and growing political pressure for colleges and universities to eliminate diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) programs. The number of educational institutions is increasing. And practice. history of higher education tracked changes Since January 2023, […]