FACT CHECK: Pride-Themed Ford Commercial Stems From 2022, Not 2023

video shared on Facebook It allegedly shows a recent Ford ad featuring a truck in the colors of the pride flag, produced after a partnership between Bud Wright and transgender activist Dylan Mulvaney. Verdict: False Your post caption is wrong. This commercial was actually made in 2022, predating the Bud Light and Mulvaney partnership. Fact […]

FACT CHECK: Image Claims To Show A Destroyed Patriot Defense System

image shared on twitter It claims to show a destroyed Patriot missile defense system. Patriot completely destroyed — Mihailo Golub (@golub) May 16, 2023 Verdict: False The image shows a destroyed Russian anti-aircraft system. The user who originally made this claim later revealed it was a joke. Fact check: Russia allegedly hit Patriot missile […]

FACT CHECK: No, Video Doesn’t Show Lindsey Graham Getting Angry At Barack Obama

video shared on Facebook Republican Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina claims to show anger at former President Barack Obama. Verdict: False Graham criticizes Obama in the video, but he doesn’t speak directly to him. Most of the clip focuses on other issues. Fact check: The Facebook video, which has been viewed more than 10,000 […]

FACT CHECK: No, A Poster Identifying Donald Trump As A ‘Registered Sex Offender’ Is Not Real

post shared on twitter Former President Donald Trump claims to display posters purporting to be a “registered sex offender.” — Colorado Bliss (@RckyMtn5280) May 10, 2023 Verdict: False The poster appears to have been digitally forged and originally originated from a Twitter account posting a parody. Fact check: Trump’s attorneys have reported that Trump […]

FACT CHECK: Social Media Post Purports To Show George Santos’ Mugshot

post shared on Facebook He claims to show a photo of New York Republican Congressman George Santos. Verdict: Misleading Photos have been cropped and digitally edited. The original photo, uploaded to the Associated Press newsroom, shows Santos outside a conference in Washington, DC. Fact check: Santos reportedly pleaded guilty Wednesday to defrauding donors and lying […]

FACT CHECK: Did Kevin McCarthy Call On Kamala Harris To ‘Step Down?’

video shared on Facebook Former House Republican Minority Leader and current House Speaker Kevin McCarthy has reportedly asked Vice President Kamala Harris to “resign”. Verdict: False Video captions are inaccurate. The original video shows then-Republican House Minority Leader McCarthy speaking on the floor of the House against President Joe Biden’s 2021 Recovery and Improvement Act. […]

FACT CHECK: No, Bakhmut Has Not Been ‘Completely Liberated’ By Ukraine

video Share on Facebook Bakhmut claims to have been “completely liberated” by Ukraine.Verdict: False Most of Bakhmut is ruled by Russia. There is no evidence that Ukraine released Bakhmut. Fact check: Bakhmut has been the scene of months of heavy fighting between Ukraine and Russia, according to the report. BBC newsUkraine is rationing ammunition and […]