John Fetterman could remain hospitalized for 2 more weeks: report

Senator John Fetterman’s health is reportedly improving, but he could be hospitalized for another two weeks as doctors work to get his medication “correct” . The Pennsylvania Democrat was admitted to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center on Feb. 16 for treatment for clinical depression, days after being hospitalized for lightheadedness at a Democratic exit […]

Feinstein, Fetterman absences leave Democrats with fragile majority

Absence from the Senate is becoming a problem for Democrats, leaving a vulnerable majority. Senate Democrats have been absent in recent weeks with Senators John Fetterman (Pennsylvania) and Diane Feinstein (California), sparking a 49-49 split in Congress with members of the Congress bipartisan. I was forced to pick up only those votes I knew to […]

Sen. John Fetterman shown working in first pics since being hospitalized for depression

Senator John Fetterman working hard in photos Posted on Twitter on Monday According to his chief of staff — it was the first time the public had glimpsed him since the Pennsylvania Democrat was hospitalized with clinical depression last month. “A productive morning with Senator Fetterman at Walter Reed discussing the Railroad Safety Act, the […]

Fetterman photographed at Walter Reed amid clinical depression recovery

Senator John Fetterman (D-Pa.) Chief of Staff has been hospitalized for treatment for clinical depression and plans to return to work in the Senate “soon”. I am on the road to recovery,” he said. Fetterman’s chief of staff, Adam Gentleson, said: Tweet 3 photos A portrait of the freshman senator during a meeting with him […]

John Fetterman Introduces Legislation While Hospitalized for Depression

Sen. John Fetterman (D-PA) introduced the bill Wednesday while in the hospital, following weeks of clinical treatment for depression. Fetterman was one of six senators who introduced the 2023 Railroad Safety Act on Wednesday. This is intended to bolster rail safety in the country after a devastating train derailment and “controlled” chemical combustion in Eastern […]

Questions mount about how John Fetterman was allegedly able to pen letter with fellow Democrats while under supervision for depression in hospital

Senator John Fetterman allegedly Senator Bob Casey of Pennsylvania and Rep. Chris DeLucio wrote a letter Wednesday to the CEO of Norfolk Southern, the railroad behind the toxic disaster in East Palestine, Ohio. letter He pleaded with Allan Shaw and his railroad company to ensure that residents of Darlington Township affected by the derailment received […]

Mystery swirls as Fetterman co-sponsors legislation while hospitalized for depression: ‘Very unusual’

First fox: Mysteries swirl around the Pennsylvania Democratic Party Senator John Fetterman As he performs his senatorial duties while hospitalized for clinical depression. Fetterman co-sponsored the Railroad Safety Act this week despite being currently hospitalized. Professor of Medicine, New York University Dr. Mark Siegel He told Fox News Digital that while we should accept depression […]