South Africa schedules election as Mandela’s party fights to retain majority

South Africa will hold national elections on May 29, President Cyril Ramaphosa announced on Tuesday. Ramaphosa’s ruling African National Congress party, once led by Nelson Mandela, is seeking to maintain a majority in South Africa’s seventh fully democratic national election since the end of apartheid, a system of forced racial segregation in 1994. is expected […]

Rangers’ Matt Rempe fights Islanders’ Matt Martin on first NHL shift

It took Matt Lempe four seconds to introduce himself to the NHL. The 6-foot-8.5 forward, who became the first player in history to make his NHL debut in an outdoor game, dropped gloves with Islanders heavyweight Matt Martin during the first shift at Rangers vs. Islanders Stadium. The series will be played Sunday afternoon at […]

California fights for federal tax dollars to cover $300M it spent on COVID-era housing program

California could be forced to pay at least $300 million it spent on coronavirus-era housing programs after the Federal Emergency Management Agency capped reimbursements in a “retroactive” rule change. announced. new york post report. In March 2020, California Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom instituted Project Room Key, a program to house homeless people in vacant hotel […]

GOP state rep fights back after losing committee assignment, funding over ‘great replacement’ theory post: ‘Never racist’

A young Republican state lawmaker from Michigan who lost his committee assignments and budget allocation for retweeting a social media post that referenced the “Great Alternative Theory” said, “Assessing statistical trends is never a racial “It is not discriminatory,” he insisted, refusing to withdraw it. The so-called “Great Replacement Theory” argues that Western countries import […]

5 fights to watch as tax deal goes to Senate

The tax deal, which includes business tax cuts and an expansion of the Child Tax Credit (CTC), was passed by the House of Representatives on Wednesday night by a vote of 357-70. But the bill’s fate in the Senate is up in the air. The deal, proposed by top tax writers Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) […]

US News & World Report fights subpoenas from San Francisco city attorney

U.S. News & World Report is asking the court to dismiss a subpoena filed by the San Francisco City Attorney as part of the news organization’s First Amendment lawsuit against the city attorney. The petition in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California seeks a preliminary injunction to block a subpoena filed […]

Saudi investment fund fights Senate subcommittee subpoena 

The Saudi Public Investment Fund (PIF) has asked the leadership of a Senate subcommittee to withdraw subpoenas issued to four of the fund’s U.S.-based consultants, according to people familiar with the matter. new letter This was revealed by the Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations on Tuesday. The letter, dated January 12, was sent by Subcommittee […]

Bottom Line: Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty fights to free detained editor

media Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty hired Covington & Burling Advocates for the release of Ars Kurmasheva, the editor of a media organization detained in Russia. Kurumasheva, a dual U.S. and Russian citizen, was arrested in October while visiting family in Russia and charged with failing to register as a foreign agent.she was one of two […]


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