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Half of Americans struggling to stay where they are financially: Poll

Nearly half of Americans say they are struggling to make ends meet financially, according to a new poll. In opinion polls, Conducted by the Monmouth University Public Opinion Research Institute A survey released Wednesday found that 46% of Americans surveyed said they were struggling to make ends meet financially. The survey found that 45% of […]

An overwhelming majority of middle-class Americans say they are struggling financially

Jack Otter and Barron’s Roundtable senior writer Nicholas Jasinski discuss why interest rate cuts are unlikely in 2024. The majority of middle-class Americans Financial difficulties According to a new poll, they expect it to last a lifetime. According to a survey released by the National Cost of Living Coalition, 65% of Americans who earn more […]

More than 60 percent of middle class say they’re ‘struggling financially’: poll

More than 60% of middle-class Americans say they are “struggling financially” and don’t expect their situation to get better in the rest of their lives, a survey has found. New poll It was released on Tuesday. A poll commissioned by the National Cost of Living Coalition found that about 65% of Americans considered “middle class” […]

The two most financially beneficial ways to spend your tax return – Daily Mail

The average tax refund this year is $2,852, about $75 more than in 2023, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) said. Experts suggest the two most financially beneficial ways to use the proceeds are to pay off outstanding debts and put the rest toward savings. One financial advisor suggests that people should do both at the […]

Gen Z is struggling financially more than Millennials did at their age: Study

A new study released last week by credit reporting company TransUnion shows that young members of Generation Z are struggling more financially today than Millennials were a decade ago. The research includes a February survey of 614 Gen Z consumers between the ages of 22 and 24 and 623 Millennials who were between the ages […]

House passes series of bills aimed at squeezing Tehran financially

The Republican-led House of Representatives on Monday voted in favor of a series of bills aimed at countering the unprecedented drone and missile attacks the Islamic Republic launched against Israel over the weekend and squeezing Iran financially. Ta. On Monday, three separate bills were brought to the floor based on the suspension of rules. The […]