Rudy Giuliani blasts WABC for firing over election talk

Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani accused WABC Radio of having a hostile work environment while using his daily routine to appease President Biden, a “trailer piece of trash.” He claimed that he was forced to leave the show. The once-beloved “America’s Mayor” called out the station owner as a hypocrite for promoting his […]

Suns hiring Mike Budenholzer less than 24 hours after firing Frank Vogel

Frank Vogel may not have time to clean his office. Sands is Plans to hire Mike Budenholzer Less than 24 hours after it was announced that the team would fire Vogel after one season, The Athletic reported that he has been named the next head coach. The deal is reportedly close to eight figures per […]

Ex-ABC News weatherman Rob Marciano emerges after ‘GMA’ firing

The weather forecast called for cold weather and a possible storm. Fired ABC News meteorologist Rob Marciano made his first public appearance Thursday. Since he was kicked out of the Disney-owned network Two days ago, about his alleged brutal behavior. Marciano, dressed casually in jeans and a jacket, wore a baseball cap, and stepped out […]

Tesla Backtracks on Supercharger Expansion Plans After Firing Entire Charging Team

Due to Elon Musk’s recent decision to lay off Tesla’s entire charging team, Tesla is reportedly already backing away from plans to expand its Supercharger network. EV owners already face difficulties finding available charging stations, especially during busy travel times, and these difficulties are unlikely to ease any time soon. Electrek report In a move […]