John Piper: ‘Political Flag Waving’ Has No Place in Christian Worship

Author and theologian John Piper recently stressed during a contentious election season that there is no “political flag waving” for “Christian worship.” On a recent episode of the “Ask Pastor John” podcast, Piper, currently president of Bethlehem College and Seminary in Minneapolis, answered a question from a listener named Matthew about the distinction between telling […]

Palestinian Woman Says Was Beaten After She Denied To Kiss Israel Flag

Israel has not said how many people it has detained during the military operation in Gaza. Gaza: In December, Israeli forces captured Tamam al-Aswad after a tank crashed through the walls of the Gaza City school where she had taken refuge, and then imprisoned her in Israel for several weeks, where she was humiliated. She […]

Police Arrest Soldiers For Alleged Pride Flag Theft, Incident Caught On Video, Cops Say

Police arrested two troopers on suspicion of repeatedly stealing LGBT pride flags from homes in Arlington, Virginia, according to Arlington police. Arlington County Police say the suspects have been identified as Matthew Henshaw, 20, and Joseph DiGregorio, 23, members of the U.S. Army and members of the prestigious 3rd Infantry Regiment known as the Old […]

Fetterman Mocks Pro-Palestinian Protesters at His Home by Waving Israeli Flag from Rooftop

Sen. John Fetterman (D-Pennsylvania) resisted pro-Palestinian protesters who targeted his home in Braddock, Pennsylvania, on Friday night by climbing onto the roof and unfurling an Israeli flag. As the crowd chanted, “Fetterman, Fetterman, you can’t hide, you support genocide,” Fetterman instead of hiding appeared on the roof of his home, proudly waving the flag of […]

John Fetterman mocks pro-Hamas protesters with Israeli flag

Anti-Israel demonstrators gathered in front of Sen. John Fetterman's home in Braddock, Pennsylvania, and in response to the noise, they climbed onto the roof of his home and waved Israeli flags. Democrats, who hate progressives, chanted Friday night as demonstrators waved Palestinian flags: “Fetterman, Fetterman, you can't hide. You support genocide.” Once a darling of […]


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