RNC member: ‘Totally misleading’ to spend campaign funds on Trump legal fees

A member of the Republican National Committee (RNC) said it is “totally misleading” that the committee would spend campaign funds on the legal costs of candidates, including former President Trump. RNC Commissioner Henry Barber of Mississippi introduced two draft resolutions over the weekend that would block the committee from paying Trump’s legal fees and ensure […]

San Diego migrant center forced to close after running out of funds

San Diego’s Immigration Center announced Thursday that it will be forced to close due to a lack of funds to support the overwhelming number of asylum seekers who entered the county illegally. The mayor of nearby El Cajon, California, told Fox News on Thursday that he was concerned that the closure of the welcome center […]

Sen. Bob Casey Gives Federal Funds to Norfolk Southern Days After Accepting Lobbyist Cash

Sen. Bob Casey (D-Pa.) may have publicly denounced Norfolk Southern Railroad after the East Palestine disaster, but privately, just days after receiving campaign contributions from a powerful lobbyist, Later, they lavished federal funds in their direction. The donation and grant announcement comes after the February 23, 2023 train accident in East Palestine, Ohio, located on […]

$30B in taxpayer funds spent on jobless migrants in UK

The UK government has spent tens of billions of dollars on unemployed migrants in just three years, with more than a million foreign-born residents receiving financial support from the government, a new report has revealed. According to the report, taxpayers have spent more than $30 billion on unemployed undocumented immigrants (often referred to as asylum […]

Hawaii officials request $1B in short-term Maui wildfire recovery funds

Hawaii state and county officials have asked Congress for about $1 billion to help cover Maui’s wildfire recovery costs in the short term. Gov. Josh Green’s administration had budgeted $199 million for such costs, but expects $561 million could be needed in a “worst-case” scenario, Honolulu said. -The Star-Advertiser reported on Wednesday. The budget debate […]

‘Thinly veiled propaganda campaign’: Federal government spent $8.5 million in taxpayer funds to produce​ podcasts: Report

The federal government spent $8.5 million in taxpayer money to produce dozens of podcasts, some of which promoted left-wing ideology, according to a new report. obtained by new york post on wednesday. The watchdog group found that between February 2020 and September 2023, at least 58 podcasts were produced using $8,535,556 in taxpayer funds […]

DOJ to give Ukraine $500K worth of forfeited Russian funds

The Department of Justice (DOJ) plans to award $500,000 worth of confiscated Russian funds to Ukraine as the country tries to fend off Kremlin aggression. The United States plans to transfer nearly $500,000 of the seized Russian funds to Estonia and then to Ukraine. according to To Saturday’s Department of Justice press release. Estonia is […]


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