Shane Gillis explains how he got his monologue on-air

Comedian Shane Gillis explained that the only reason he was allowed to perform the allegedly offensive monologue was a combination of omitting certain words and keeping the content to himself. Gillis returned to Saturday Night Live in 2024 after being fired in 2019 to incredible praise and support. Shortly after this appearance, Netflix picked up […]

Netflix picks up Shane Gillis’ self-funded sitcom ‘Tires’

Shane Gillis continued his historic rise with the announcement that Netflix will pick up his independent scripted comedy series as well as host a stand-up comedy special. Gillis has made huge strides in just a few weeks, landing a sponsorship deal with Bud Light and returning to “Saturday Night Live.” To cap off a great […]

Actor Chris Burke Defends Shane Gillis Down Syndrome Humor

Actor Chris Burke, who has Down syndrome, defended comedian Shane Gillis on Monday after he made a joke about people with Down syndrome on Saturday Night Live. Burke appeared on the sitcom Life Goes On in the late 1980s and 1990s, and his defense of Gillis is very moving. Gillis hosts “SNL” and joke It’s […]

Shane Gillis shocks with forbidden words in SNL comeback

Comedian Shane Gillis has made a triumphant return to “Saturday Night Live,” marking a triumph for the comedian who was once fired from the iconic sketch comedy show. Gillis, who was fired from SNL in 2019, returned to live comedy and pushed the envelope with politically incorrect monologues that seem unusable these days without a […]

Shane Gillis blasts sports betting with hilarious ‘SNL’ skit

Commercial Content 21+. “Saturday Night Live” guest host Shane Gillis and the rest of the SNL staff spent their time trashing Wild Sports Betting’s advertising techniques with a fake DraftKings ad. “We all know a friend who is struggling with online gambling, a friend who is on the verge of losing their home, their family, […]

Shane Gillis bombs ‘SNL’ monologue as he addresses 2019 firing

Comedian Shane Gillis hosts Saturday Night Live this weekend, his opening monologue He mentioned being fired from the sketch comedy series in 2019. “I’m here,” the 36-year-old said at the start of his monologue, five years after he was kicked off the show for using racist and homophobic slurs on his podcast. “Most of you […]

SNL Host Shane Gillis Sends Up Trump’s Golden Sneakers, Skit Mocks Biden’s Frailty

Shane Gillis brings back his well-worn impression of former President Donald Trump in his latest appearance on “Saturday Night Live” amid a recently released fake movie trailer centered around President Trump’s sneaker series . President Joe Biden’s physical frailty is also mentioned at the end of his opinion of President Trump. fake trailer White men […]