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Sebastian Gorka: Making MAGA a Crime

Yes, the trial was rigged. From Judge Marchan reversing the order of closing arguments before the jury so the prosecution could not make a final defense argument, to the unprecedented and outrageous instruction that all 12 jurors do not have to agree that the defendant was guilty, the plan was set from the moment the […]

Sebastian Gorka: The New MAGA Manifesto

What is MAGA? What does “Make America Great Again” mean? That’s a strange question.The man who ran a presidential campaign on these words not only won the 2016 election, but is still overwhelm the incumbent And he is in a very strong position to become CEO again. But that’s the strange thing. MAGA has always […]

Sebastian Gorka: Trump and America’s Jews

It’s been quite a long week, and it’s not even half over yet. Over the weekend, President Trump held another rally. Yes, another series that is not often seen in modern times in terms of frequency and scale. This time it was Dayton, Ohio. During his speech, he touched on a topic that is key […]

SEBASTIAN GORKA: The Case For Ukraine

I would expect that for people over the age of 40, the threat of war or the fear that Russia would nuke American cities is real.The idea that Moscow was the “bad guy” and wanted it to be “fill in” We weren’t exaggerating. Ask anyone a little older who lived through the Cuban Missile Crisis. […]

‘Maybe You Should Have Arrested Them’: Sebastian Gorka Slams Police Amid Search For Protesters In ‘Jihadi Headbands’

Sebastian Gorka, a former adviser to President Trump, on Saturday slammed the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) for its apparent failure to arrest suspected hate crime perpetrators. “Maybe they should have arrested them because they were walking around wearing jihadi headbands,” Gorka said. I have written X (old Twitter) Sunday morning. Gorka was responding to MPS […]

Dr. Sebastian Gorka Blasts Mitch McConnell’s ‘Arrogance’

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) is a “bad guy” whose arrogance is on full display, Dr. Sebastian Gorka said during an appearance on his show. Breitbart News Saturday. Gorka, a former White House official, weighed in on McConnell’s public freeze on the 81-year-old senator, who has continued to refuse to resign. RELATED — Mitch […]

Sebastian Gorka: American Police-State

Democrats have a long history of questioning election results. Remember the words of Al Gore.chad hanging? And what will happen to the main left, demanding a “dishonest” electoral roll to overturn the results of the 2016 presidential election and block President Trump? As of October 2020, Hillary Clinton was still in public. Question Legitimacy of […]

Gorka – Wagner’s ‘Mutiny’ Against Putin Just Doesn’t Add Up

Revolutions can be good. Like the one that erupted in 1776 and brought us America. Others are less so. The 1917 Russian Revolution brought us the Soviet Union, the Warsaw Pact, labor camps, Holomodor, and the Cold War.The Cold War is “cold” but still the death of 100 million innocent people. As a result, last […]