Billy Graham Statue Unveiled at U.S. Capitol, Inviting Visitors to the Gospel

A statue of the late evangelist Billy Graham was unveiled Thursday at the U.S. Capitol, depicting him holding a Bible and facing forward, inviting his audience to the gospel. The 7-foot-tall bronze statue is part of the Capitol’s historic National Statuary Hall Collection and is part of the historic “National Statuary Hall Collection” at the […]

K.P. Yohannan, Founder of Gospel for Asia and Missions Pioneer, Dies at 74

KP Yohannan, who founded Gospel for Asia with the aim of spreading the gospel to the continent through local missionaries, died the next day, May 8, after being hit by a car while taking a morning walk. He was 74 years old. Mr. Yohannan founded Gospel for Asia in 1979 and served as its director […]

John Piper Speaks about Satan’s Power: Why Is He Allowed to Blind People to the Gospel?

In his recent episode, “Ask Pastor John” Podcast, pastor and best-selling author John Piper spoke about the power that Satan has in the spirit world, including blinding people to the gospel.According to reports christian postPiper revealed on her podcast that she’s been asked more about Satan than any other Bible topic. “There are hints that […]

‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Willie Robertson Encourages Christians to Spread the Gospel

Most recently, Phil Roberson’s journey from alcoholism to Christ was told in the drama-based film The Blind. Overall, the story of the Roberton family’s faith is told in the book. Robertson said his father’s conversion to Christianity decades ago changed the family’s trajectory forever, hypothesizing what would have happened if it hadn’t unfolded. face wire […]

What Are Lavender And Gospel, AI Israel Is Using To Bomb Gaza

Lavender AI identifies human targets, while Gospel attacks structures and buildings. New Delhi: A report has surfaced claiming that the Israeli military used advanced artificial intelligence (AI) systems in the Gaza bombing campaign. These systems, named Lavender and Gospel, play a central role in the IDF’s targeting strategy and have sparked debate about the ethical […]

‘American Idol’ alum, gospel singer Mandisa dead at 47, police investigating

Gospel singer Mandisa, who began her singing career as a contestant on “American Idol,” has died. She was 47 years old. Mandisa’s father, John Hundley, confirmed Mandisa’s death to Fox News Digital and said he was shocked. The cause of the singer’s death is unknown. Max Wintz, director of public affairs for the Franklin Police […]

Alan Ritchson Preaches Gospel on Bill Maher Podcast

actor best known for his role in Ordinary Angel, Reacher and fast x Explained the gospel and defended the faith in recent episodes Bill Maher and Club Randomtold the host that Jesus introduced a “radically different new way of loving.” Alan Ritchson, an outspoken Christian, and Marr, a self-proclaimed skeptic/agnostic, discussed religion and faith during […]

Over 4,000 Respond to Gospel during Franklin Graham’s Southern Border Tour

More than 4,000 people made a profession of faith in Jesus Christ during evangelist Franklin Graham’s 10-day God Loves You Frontier Tour along the southern border of the United States. “We’ve had a greater response to the gospel invitation here than anywhere else we’ve preached in the United States,” Graham said. CBN News While staying […]