Gulf Cartel Apologizes for Kidnapping, Killing U.S. Citizens — Surrenders 5 Gunmen

The Matamoros faction of the Gulf Cartel detained five shooters on Thursday and left them alive near a poster board as an apology for kidnapping and killing a US citizen last weekend. Authorities found the five gunmen before dawn next to Matamoros’ black pickup truck. In handwritten posters, the Gulf Cartel’s Scorpions Cell apologized and […]

Lionel Messi threatened by gunmen who shot up in-laws’ supermarket

A supermarket owned by Lionel Messi’s parents-in-law was attacked in Argentina, and attackers left a threatening note for the football star. The Associated Press reports Two gunmen opened fire at a Unico supermarket in Rosario, Argentina’s third-largest city, police said. The market is owned by the parents of Messi’s wife, Antonella Rocuzzo. Police said the […]

Mexican Cartel Gunmen Kill Waiter for Thwarting Prior Grenade Attack

Last week, a waiter at a Mexican restaurant who disarmed a cartel gunman during a grenade attack was killed in retaliation after prosecutors refused to press charges against the attacker. The attack took place at the Mariscos Puerto de Veracruz seafood restaurant in Colima. On the day of the first attack, cartel militants arrived at […]

Israeli troops kill 5 Palestinian gunmen in raid

Israeli forces raided a refugee camp in the West Bank on Monday, killing five Palestinian gunmen, an Israeli security official said. The raid, which the military said was intended to arrest suspects allegedly involved in the failed attack on Israelis, is likely to further exacerbate tensions in the region. The Palestinian Ministry of Health did […]