Harvard board bars 13 pro-Palestine student protesters from graduating, overruling faculty

Harvard University’s Board of Trustees on Wednesday rejected an effort by faculty members to allow 13 students who had been sanctioned for participating in pro-Palestinian protests to complete their degrees and graduate. The Harvard Crimson reported on Harvard University’s veto of the decision by the Faculty of Arts and Sciences (FAS).UnprecedentedThe ” ” highlights tensions […]

Harvard condoned antisemitism against Jewish students: lawsuit

Harvard University is facing a federal civil rights lawsuit alleging that anti-Semitism against Jewish students was rampant on campus even before the October 7 terrorist attack on Israel. “Jews are fair people,” the complaint, filed Wednesday by the Center for Human Rights under Louis Brandeis and Jewish Americans for Educational Equity, says. “Students and faculty […]

Harvard Faculty Votes to Reinstate 13 ‘Encampment’ Seniors Barred from Graduation

Harvard University faculty members overwhelmingly voted Monday to reinstate 13 fourth-year students who had been denied permission to graduate by the Harvard University Board of Trustees for their actions in a pro-Palestinian “camp.” of Harvard Crimson report: Members of Harvard’s Faculty of Arts and Sciences voted overwhelmingly to re-add 13 students to the list of […]

Will Harvard course correct or continue to be a haven for vile anti-Americanism?

This photo spread all over the world: Palestinian flag is raised above the iconic John Harvard statue Inside Harvard Yard. The symbolic takeover of the world’s most prestigious university by pro-Palestinian forces is complete. No other image better encapsulates decades of ideological radicalism, excessive tolerance of reprehensible hate ideas, university mismanagement and financial greed at […]

Harvard graduate student suing university for ‘rewarding antisemitism,’ ignoring pleas of Jewish students

A graduate student at Harvard University is filing a lawsuit over the university’s response. anti-israel agitator And he describes the rise in anti-Semitism on campus as a “characteristic” of Ivy League schools. Shabbos Kestenbaum, a student at Harvard Divinity School, said of the university’s “out-of-control” anti-Semitism: scathing editorialThere he accused the university of ignoring the […]

Harvard strikes deal with anti-Israel protesters to end encampment before commencement

Harvard University has agreed to make some concessions to anti-Israel agitators in exchange for clearing a protest encampment ahead of an upcoming commencement ceremony, the two sides announced Tuesday. Harvard University interim president Alan Garber issued a message Tuesday morning saying, “Protesters have agreed to end their camp at Harvard Yard.” “The area has now […]

Harvard Can’t Find ‘Class Day’ Graduation Speaker; 10 Turn Down Invite

Harvard University is struggling to find speakers for its commencement “Class Day” later this month, and 10 invited speakers have already filled their slots, in part due to ongoing protests and anti-Semitism on the elite campus. has declined. of harvard crimson report Friday: More than 10 people have declined offers to be keynote speakers for […]

Harvard ‘Encampment’ Takes Down Antisemitic Poster of Interim President Garber

Pro-Palestinian demonstrators gathered at Harvard University’s “encampment” to remove an anti-Semitic poster demonizing the university’s interim president, Alan Garber, who is Jewish. It read, “Alan Garbage Fund Massacre.” Left: Germany in the 1930s Right: Harvard University 2024 Some people have portrayed Alan Garber, interim president of Harvard University, who is Jewish, as the devil. […]

All Eyes on Harvard as Police Clear Pro-Hamas Encampments at MIT, Penn

The Harvard University “encampment” is the last remaining pro-Palestinian (in effect, pro-Hamas) camp after police removed protesters from nearby Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and the University of Pennsylvania on Friday. It is one of the main occupied territories. according to The TechnologyMIT Student Newspaper, Police Arrived They gathered in the center of campus early […]