Hawaii man charged with murder of soldier stabbed, family wants justice

A 21-year-old soldier was found dead in a burning car in Honolulu, Hawaii. The victim’s boyfriend has been charged with murder. Police say he stabbed his Spc. Hawaii National Guard officer Lau Jordan Lauroosa shot him in the neck before setting his car on fire. Witnesses called police to report a car fire near Mililani […]

Hawaii soldier found dead in burned car, boyfriend charged

A 21-year-old soldier was found dead in a burning car in Honolulu. Her boyfriend was charged with murder for stabbing her in the neck and setting her car on fire. Lau Jordan Lauroosa, a member of the Spec Hawaii Army National Guard, was found in a torched car parked outside Mililani High School around 6:40 […]

Ex-SVB CEO Greg Becker jets to Hawaii after collapse

The former CEO of Silicon Valley Bank, who has been at the helm of a crumbling financial intuition, was spotted hanging out in Hawaii on Wednesday. Greg Becker and his wife, Marilyn Bautista, fled to a $3.1 million Maui townhouse just days after Becker, who had been SVB’s CEO since 2011, left the company. Photo […]

Hawaii cites man for alleged harassment of humpback whale, dolphins

Hawaiian officials Monday cited a Maui man for allegedly harassing a pod of humpback whales and dolphins. David Jimenez, 65, is said to have actively tracked adolescent whales and dolphins within Kealakekua Bay State Historic Park. Jimenez, who goes by the name Dolphin Dave on Facebook, was spotted at Kealakekua Bay on the Big Island […]

Hawaii snorkeling company allegedly abandoned couple in the ocean

A couple who claimed they were abandoned at sea while snorkeling on their honeymoon are suing a Hawaiian tour company for $5 million in damages. Alexander Burckle and Elizabeth Webster embarked on a snorkeling trip to Lanai, a small island near Maui, in September 2021. Then the water got turbulent, they said. Suddenly, the Maui […]

Hawaii men sentenced for racially motivated attack against White man

Two Hawaiian men were convicted of attacking a white man who tried to move into the neighborhood in 2014 because of his race, federal prosecutors said Friday. Kaurana Alokaonohi, 33, was sentenced to 6.5 years in prison, according to the Justice Department. Levi Aki Jr., 33, was sentenced to over four years in prison. “The […]

‘Large White Balloon’ Spotted Northeast of Hawaii, ATC Confirms

Air Traffic Control (ATC) has confirmed that a “large white balloon” has been spotted northeast of Hawaii. The Oakland Marine Air Traffic Control Center announced Sunday that it spotted a white balloon over the Pacific Ocean 594 miles northeast of Honolulu. “The balloon was reported to be flying at an altitude of approximately 40,000 to […]

Downed Chinese balloon aimed for Hawaii, blown off course

A Chinese reconnaissance balloon that was shot down by a missile off the coast of South Carolina was originally on a trajectory that passed through Guam and Hawaii, but was blown off course, government officials said. Washington accuses Beijing of using it for espionage, and a balloon China claims to be a civilian meteorological research […]

Green laser beams spotted off Hawaii from Chinese satellite: experts

Experts say a green laser beam was spotted over Hawaii last month by a Chinese satellite amid heightened tensions between the United States and China after several foreign objects, including a Chinese spy balloon, violated U.S. airspace. is believed to have fired the Scientist at the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan (NAOJ) murmured The space […]