Female suspected serial burglar busted hiding in closet with pizza cutter

A serial robber was arrested after a California woman returned home from the Thanksgiving holiday to find a barefoot suspect hiding in the closet of her luxury apartment, armed with a pizza cutter, police said. “She was in the corner of my closet,” said Brittney Heintzman, 35. told CBS News On Dec. 1, she found […]

Video Shows YouTuber, Girlfriend Hiding From Her Ex-Boyfriend After He Shoots Her

Hunter Avallone was in the apartment with Holle Peno when the incident occurred. A YouTuber and his girlfriend survived a horrific attack by her ex-boyfriend in West Virginia on Friday. Hunter Avallone posted the gruesome clip of the gunman on his social media handle, along with the last message he sent before he opened fire.according […]

Australian teen nearly dies after collecting shell hiding blue-ringed octopus

An Australian teenager was fatally bitten by a poisonous blue octopus hidden inside a shell he scooped from the ocean to show his niece. Jacob Egginton, 18, was bitten by a particularly poisonous octopus while swimming and looking for shells at Perth’s Shoalwater Beach. The boy didn’t realize he had been bitten until he showed […]

ESPN’s Desmond Howard calls out Pete Thamel for hiding from Michigan fans

Tensions were high on ESPN’s “College Gameday,” which was set ahead of Saturday’s The Game. As a result, during the pre-match broadcast, there was a slight argument among colleagues over the Worldwide Leader. ESPN analyst Desmond Howard, a University of Michigan alumnus, said the network’s college football reporter Pete Thamel reported from inside Michigan Stadium […]

Fugitive Florida fentanyl felon Stacy Usher found hiding in couch

You can find everything inside a worn-out sofa. That includes a Florida fugitive who spent weeks on the rum for violating his probation for selling fentanyl. Police had been searching for Stacey Asher, 39, since early November on suspicion of violating her probation by selling fentanyl and illegally using a two-way communication device. The Citrus […]

FORMER REP. JASON LEWIS: 60 Years Later, What The Hell Are They Hiding?

I turned 60 on The anniversary of the assassination of John F. Kennedy, the 35th youngest president. The events of that horrible day in Dallas still haunt me. Especially for those who were there, like Clint Hill, who was assigned to Jacqueline Kennedy’s Secret Service. “We failed to protect the President of the United […]