What the White House is hiding in the latest jobs report

Although the media tells us that the economy is booming, the average American is well aware of the truth that the economy is suffering. “All the way up to the election, they have to convince Americans that they are the only problem,” says Glenn Beck. The recently released January 2024 jobs report claims an unexpected […]

Man accused of trying to kidnap tot by hiding in mom’s truck

An Arkansas man was arrested on suspicion of trying to kidnap a 2-year-old girl from her mother’s truck parked outside a Walmart, where police say he hid under a pile of clothes. The victim told police that on Monday around 7 p.m., after returning from shopping, he found an unknown man, later identified as Timothy […]

Teacher Who Showed Image of Mohammed in Hiding Three Years Later

Three years after showing caricatures of Muhammad to classes at Batley Grammar School sparked Muslim protests, religious studies teachers have now decided to do so, fearing violent retaliation from Britain’s Muslim community. He is also in hiding with his family. In March 2021, a religious studies teacher in a small West Yorkshire town sparked weeks […]

Wild video shows jail escapee nabbed hiding in trash can

His hidden skills were garbage. A burglary suspect escapes from an Alabama prison and eludes cops for five days before ending up in a dramatic chase with cops in Atlanta, where he is captured crouched in a trash can, according to wild video. reports. Tyree Chapman, 22, escaped from Bessemer City Jail on January 12th. […]

Transgender Democrat Can Run for Office Despite Hiding Former Name

A transgender candidate was allowed to run for a seat in the Ohio House of Representatives despite concealing her original name on paperwork as required by state election law. The Mercer County Board of Elections has chosen not to vote to disqualify transgender Democratic candidate Arienne Childley, who is biologically male and identifies as female. […]

Rep. Chris Deluzio becomes first Democrat in Congress to call for Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin’s resignation over hiding cancer surgery

WASHINGTON – Rep. Chris Deluzio on Wednesday became the first Democrat to publicly call for Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin to resign after Biden's Cabinet secreted a surgery to treat prostate cancer from the White House and his subordinates. Became a member of parliament. “We have lost confidence in Secretary Lloyd Austin's leadership of the Department […]


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