Mike Lee issues challenge to Elizabeth Warren after she claims ‘right-wing extremists’ have ‘hijacked’ Supreme Court

Senator Mike Lee (Utah Republican) this week challenged fellow Democrat Senator Elizabeth Warren to a debate about her new demand to fill the Supreme Court. What did Warren say? In a new ethical misconduct complaint against Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, Warren claimed Monday that “right-wing extremists” have “taken over” the Supreme Court. According to […]

‘Radical Rainbow Mafia Has Hijacked LGBT,’ ‘They Are Domestic Terrorists’

Caitlyn Jenner is a drag queen after the former Olympic champion publicly denounced the ‘radical Rainbow Mafia’, alleging he was involved in grooming children and using violence to achieve his political goals. It has aroused the wrath of many celebrities. In a series of inflammatory tweets on Thursday, Caitlyn Jenner hesitantly called the “Rainbow Mafia” […]