Steve Belichick got very honest with Patriots players

Steve Belichick wasn’t ready for his first coaching job with the Patriots. The son of head coach Bill Belichick, Steve was thrown into the fire in 2016 when he began his promotion as New England’s safety coach. He was honest about what he didn’t know about the position—that he knew everything. Steve has been with […]

Amazon’s Relationship with Police Causes Privacy Nightmare for Honest Citizen

The Amazon-owned Ring home security camera system has developed a “symbiotic” relationship with police, creating a privacy nightmare for honest citizens. Late last year, when Ohio business owner Michael Larkin handed over video footage from a ring camera installed in the front door of his home while working with police investigating his neighborhood, the situation […]

US ambassador: China needs to be ‘more honest’ about origins of COVID

On Tuesday, the US ambassador to China said Beijing needs to be “more honest” about the origins of the COVID-19 pandemic amid renewed scrutiny over what caused the outbreak. “We are the two largest economies. We are the two most powerful countries in the world. We must work together,” said Nicholas Burns. Said At an […]

China needs to be ‘more honest’ about COVID origins, US ambassador says

The top U.S. special envoy to China on Monday said the East Asian country was in danger after a shocking report that the U.S. Department of Energy concluded that the virus likely leaked from a laboratory in the Chinese city of Wuhan. He called on the government to be more transparent about the origins of […]