Mastodon tooth from Ice Age found on California beach

A giant mastodon tooth dating back to the Ice Age was turned into a local museum by a jogger after it was first discovered on a California beach and then vanished when someone posted the historic find on Facebook. . A photo of a mammoth molar sitting in the sand at Rio del Mar Beach […]

Ice Cube Slams Artificial Intelligence as ‘Evil and Demonic’

Rapper and actor Ice Cube has accused artificial intelligence (AI) of being “evil and demonic” after being attacked on social media. of Ride Along 2 and treble When it was pointed out that he was a hypocrite who called AI “demonic” even though he himself became famous by rapping “Sample”, Star replied, It’s completely different […]

Dallas Stars fans throw food onto ice during playoff disaster

Game 3 of the Western Conference Finals between the Dallas Stars and the Vegas Golden Knights turned out to be a dismal night for the Dallas Stars, but the fans weren’t there to help. Dallas supporters were so disgusted with their team’s game (which resulted in a 0-4 loss that the Stars were stuck in […]

Jimmy Carter aware of tributes, enjoying ice cream, 3 months into hospice: grandson

NOCROSS, GA (AP) — 3 months later enter end-of-life care at home, former President Jimmy Carter remains in good spirits as he visits with his family, follows public debates about his legacy, and receives updates on the Carter Center’s humanitarian efforts around the world. said the grandson. He even enjoys eating ice cream regularly. Regarding […]

Ice Cube Slams Black Support for Dems: ‘Nothing Has Changed’

Rapper and actor Ice Cube recently said decades of Democratic support by the black community had failed to make a difference. Recent interview On the Full Send podcast, one of the hosts asked him if there was any “prejudice” in the black community regarding the Republican Party. “I don’t know what’s going on in the […]

Maryland teen rape suspect is illegal immigrant from El Salvador: ICE

The suspect, who has been charged with raping a 15-year-old girl and a woman on a hiking trail in Maryland, is entering the country illegally, officials said. Jose Roberto Hernandez-Espinal, 20, was arrested Tuesday on charges of raping a woman and stealing jewelry at Burnt Mills East Special Park in Silver Spring. an official told […]