Pro-Palestinian Protesters Reveal Basic Ignorance on Israel, Hamas Conflict

Israeli actress and producer Noah Tishby took part in the pro-Palestinian protests that shut down the Sundance Film Festival over the weekend, speaking with demonstrators and calling out the fundamental ignorance of those who shout extremist slogans against Israel. revealed. In anti-Israel protests, nearly 100 pro-Palestinian activists took to the streets of Park City, Utah, […]

Commentary: Liberal ignorance explained – TheBlaze

The consensus on the left is that conservatives are simply uneducated, uninformed, ignorant, and therefore prone to all kinds of disinformation and outlandish conspiracy theories.And whether we like it or not, highly educated people are overwhelmingly left-handed. However, “highly educated” and “highly educated” are not the same. informed. Numbers and a little common sense speak […]

Why book banning must end: Ignorance is not bliss

newYou can now listen to Fox News articles. “Ignorance is not happiness. It is deadly!” These are the words of my favorite teacher, Shirley Owens Prince. The growing movement to ban library books reminds me of her. She was a fiery black woman with a booming voice. She taught a weekly Bible study at a […]

Speaker Pleads Ignorance After Leading Zelensky in Tribute to SS Trooper

Speaker of the Canadian Parliament [above, left] After praising the former Waffen-SS soldier, he issued an apology, and last week Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau applauded him on the floor. Speaker of the House of Representatives Anthony Rota introduced 98-year-old Yaroslav Hunka during a special session in Parliament House on […]


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