Indian PM Modi to Visit Australia Despite Biden Dropping Out of Quad Meeting

Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese said on Wednesday that a planned Quad Alliance meeting was canceled after President Joe Biden withdrew at the last minute, while fellow Quad member India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi will visit Australia next week. and said it would hold all meetings. Scheduled events and bilateral talks with Albanese are also […]

Berkeley Professor Admits She ‘Incorrectly’ Identified as American Indian

Elizabeth Hoover, professor of sociology at Berkeley, California, Admitted She is not an American Indian after posing as an American Indian “all her life.” What is it about all these Elizabeths pretending to be Indians? Berkeley, California Professor Elizabeth Hoover ‘Falsely’ Identified as Native American — Daily Mail (@DailyMail) May 5, 2023 Hoover’s […]

Seneca Indian Nation could approve Salamanca Warriors name

The profile of a Native American man with braids hanging down and wings sticking up is tiled in high school hallways, dyed in weight room carpets, and laid on the grass of Salamanca Municipal School soccer fields. increase. School leaders say the ubiquitous school athletic team logo and “Warrior” name are a source of pride […]

Indian police arrest Sikh separatist leader Amritpal Singh after long hunt

Indian police on Sunday arrested a separatist leader who revived calls for separation in the northern Indian state of Punjab, which has a history of violent rebellion and an independent Sikh homeland. Amritpar Singh has been on the run since last month after coming to public attention in February. Hundreds of his supporters stormed a […]

Indian mountain climber rescued after falling into crevasse

An Indian climber is in critical condition after falling nearly 1,000 feet from a crevasse on the world’s 10th highest mountain and surviving there for three days. Anurag Maru, 34, was found alive by rescuers on Thursday after he went missing in Nepal’s Mount Annapurna, a representative of his family told The Post. Maru disappeared […]

Former Indian politician linked to organized crime gunned down on live television

An assassin disguised as a journalist broadcast Indian politician Atik Ahmed and his brother live on television Saturday night. Ahmed, who is no longer active in politics, was escorted by police along with his brother. A large group of media personnel surrounded them and pressed microphones in front of them. Three men in the group […]

Former Indian lawmaker Atiq Ahmad and brother shot and killed on live TV

A former Indian lawmaker convicted of kidnapping and charged with murder and assault was shot dead along with his brother in a dramatic attack broadcast live on television in northern India, officials said Sunday. told to Atiku Ahmad and his brother Ashraf Ahmad were being escorted by police on Saturday night as they were about […]

Philippines Seeks Indian Military Presence to Counter China

The Philippine government hinted on Tuesday that it would welcome a permanent defense attaché from India. This is a sign of increased military cooperation between the two countries against the common threat of communist China. reported that philippine starPhilippine Assistant Secretary of Defense Pablo Lorenzo Discussed India may have a permanent defense envoy in Manila […]