Iowa facility where intellectually disabled residents were mistreated to close

An Iowa facility for people with intellectual disabilities will be permanently closed after federal investigators say patients’ rights are being violated there. The Des Moines Register reported that 28 residents at the state-run Glenwood Resource Center have been told they will be moved out by the end of June, and 235 employees have been told […]

Biden admin threatens to sue Iowa over new immigration law

The Biden administration’s Justice Department is threatening to sue over Iowa’s new immigration law, according to a Thursday letter obtained by the newspaper. des moines register. It was signed by Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds (Republican) in April. Senate File 2340 A law is enacted that gives state police the power to arrest and deport certain […]

Justice Department warns it plans to sue Iowa over new state immigration law

The U.S. Department of Justice has informed Iowa officials that it plans to sue the state over a new law that criminalizes the stay in Iowa for people who have previously been denied entry to the United States. The law interferes with the federal government’s ability to enforce immigration laws, according to the Justice Department, […]

Biden’s DOJ Threatens To Sue Iowa For Enforcing Immigration Law

The Department of Justice is threatening a lawsuit over Iowa’s new illegal immigration law, the latest move in the Biden administration’s effort to stop GOP states from addressing the ongoing border crisis. Justice Department Principal Deputy Assistant Attorney General Brian Boynton wrote to Iowa Republicans Gov. Kim Reynolds and Iowa Republican Attorney General Brenna Bird […]

Iowa will face lawsuit if it acts on immigration law, DOJ warns

The Department of Justice (DOJ) warned the state of Iowa on Friday that it could face lawsuits if it enforces an immigration law that prohibits people who have previously been denied entry into the U.S. from remaining in the state. did. The Department of Justice has asked Iowa’s top officials, Gov. Kim Reynolds and Attorney […]

Dog and deer take stroll through Iowa town before police pick them up

In a scene from the Disney movie, a dog and a deer were seen roaming the streets of an Iowa town together. The adorable, dynamic duo was spotted Wednesday casually strolling down the streets of Tipton, a small town of about 3,000 people about 40 miles northwest of Davenport. “Sometimes the dog just wants to […]

Biden admin threatens to sue Iowa if state arrests and deports migrants

The Biden administration on Friday will take legal action against Republican Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds if she implements a new law that would allow authorities to arrest immigrants who have previously been refused entry or deported from the United States. he warned. He and the state attorney general have pledged. “We won’t back down.” In […]

Tornadoes level Nebraska, Iowa towns, devastating video shows

Hundreds of residents across the Midwest saw their homes reduced to rubble as a swarm of devastating tornadoes ripped through the city center Friday night, with shocking images of the wreckage shown. The Federal Emergency Management Agency said there were as many as 78 possible twisters, mostly in Nebraska and Iowa, that damaged hundreds of […]

Videos, photos of destruction by tornadoes in Nebraska, Iowa

Parts of Nebraska and Iowa were devastated by powerful tornadoes Friday. Weather experts predict another storm could bring more destruction to the Midwest. The ferocity of the storm damaged or destroyed hundreds of homes and businesses, especially in the suburbs of Omaha, Nebraska. Elkhorn residents were scavenging through debris Saturday after a tornado devastated the […]

Threats Continue After Tornadoes Hit Multiple Cities In Nebraska, Iowa

Gopala Penmetsa walks in front of her home destroyed by a tornado near Omaha, Nebraska, on Friday, April 26, 2024. (Chris Makian/Omaha World-Herald via AP) OAN’s Avril Elfie11:49am – Saturday, April 27, 2024 Tornadoes have struck multiple cities in Nebraska and Iowa, destroying many homes and causing the threat of possible tornadoes from Michigan to […]