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Two elderly journalists help lead authors in suing ChatGPT to protect the ‘written word’

GRAFTON, Massachusetts — After two octogenarian friends named Nick discovered that ChatGPT may have stolen and misappropriated their life’s research, they enlisted their son-in-law to sue the company behind the artificial intelligence chatbot. Veteran journalists Nicholas Gage, 84, and Nicholas Basbanez, 81, who live near each other in the same Massachusetts town, have each been […]

Orwell Exposed the Cowardice of Journalists and Intellectuals

Estimated Reading Time: 4 minutes George Orwell had little hope that the lies of totalitarians would be exposed by a free press. His essay “The Freedom of the Press” was intended as the preface to Animal Farm, but was not published until 1972. Orwell revealed that the United Kingdom’s Ministry of Information (MOI) (created during the […]

Journalists refused entry to Azerbaijan energy conference ahead of Cop29 | Azerbaijan

Western journalists were denied entry to an energy industry conference in Azerbaijan earlier this month, rekindling concerns about a crackdown on the media in the country ahead of a key United Nations climate change conference in Baku later this year. At least three journalists from the UK and France told the Guardian they felt “unsafe” […]

WATCH Elon Musk explains why journalists hate X platform now

Elon Musk has become an enemy of the left because he rejects government censorship policies by prioritizing freedom of speech on his X platform. Musk has now made even more enemies by “democratizing” X. In an interview with Linda Yaccarino, Musk explained to the X CEO why journalists are especially infuriated by his blue checkmark […]

CNN Defends Debate Hosts from Critics: ‘Respected Veteran Journalists’

CNN defended its debate co-moderators from critics on Monday after they were accused of being biased against former President Donald Trump. The statement came after the Trump campaign slammed CNN for abruptly cutting off an interview with Trump campaign national press secretary Caroline Leavitt, a former MSNBC host who was abruptly removed from CNN. Ended […]

How Palestinian terrorists train ‘journalists’ in Gaza

In November 2012, in Gaza City, officials from the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine welcomed an “elite group of young women and men” to celebrate them passing a course on “journalistic investigation, photojournalism, the art of public speaking, and new media.” At the ceremony, according to the PFLP, attendees stood for a moment […]

Russia arrests more journalists on ‘extremism’ charges

Three Russian journalists were arrested and detained on Friday and Saturday as Russia continues its crackdown on media in the country. On Saturday, Konstantin Gabov and Sergei Karelin were indicted on charges of “extremism.” Associated Press (Associated Press) first reported. They are accused of collaborating with political groups linked to the late Russian opposition leader […]

SNL star Colin Jost roasts politicians, praises journalists at correspondents’ dinner

Saturday Night Live (SNL) star Colin Jost lambasted politicians and praised journalists at the annual White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner on Saturday night, highlighting political tensions at home and deadly attacks abroad. It brought humor to a time of conflict. Jost, 41, opened his speech Saturday night with a light criticism of both President Biden […]

Palestinian Journalists Call For Boycott Of White House Correspondents’ Dinner

The annual dinner has been held since 1920 (File) Washington: The White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner, an annual gathering of reporters, politicians and high-profile celebrities, is held in an almost casual atmosphere, but under very different circumstances, including calls for a boycott by Palestinian journalists. It will be held on Saturday. More than 20 Palestinian […]