A new Twitter policy cripples journalists’ efforts to halt disinformation

The 2024 election season is upon us and experts are already Predict Advances in technology could accelerate the spread of disinformation over the next year and a half. Providers of disinformation are prepared to significantly undermine the fairness of elections and undermine confidence in the electoral process. More than ever, the public will rely on […]

Journalists Hit with $25K Charges When Joe Biden Canceled Trip

White House correspondents in charge of President Joe Biden’s (Democrat) visit to Japan and Australia could suffer a loss as the president chose to cancel the final part of the trip, reports said. . News outlets reported that journalists appeared to have paid to charter a plane to fly from Hiroshima to Sydney. washington post […]

White House Unveils Rules Targeting Journalists Who Refuse To Be ‘Professional’

The White House on Friday announced new requirements outlining which journalists are allowed in briefing rooms and presidential events and warning against unprofessional behavior. The new rule requires journalists to submit letters to gain access to information about their employment on White House grounds, and requires reporters to work for “organizations whose primary business is […]

Communist Nicaragua Detains Dozens of Human Rights Activists, Journalists in Fresh Raids

The government of Nicaraguan communist dictator Daniel Ortega conducted a nationwide police raid on Wednesday night, arresting at least 57 civilians, including dissidents, journalists and human rights activists. The Ortega government has reportedly accused the victim of a “conspiracy to undermine national integrity”, which is expected to face charges of treason and “spreading fake news”. […]

Journalists Mostly Left-Wing as Job Requires Critical Thinking

The establishment media continues to be rife with snobbery, as a state broadcaster says people on the left are more likely to become journalists because they are more capable of critical thinking. Kai Gnifke, president of Germany’s state-owned broadcaster ARD, argued that the reason government-backed journalism is overwhelmingly left-wing is because the work requires critical […]

Fallen Journalists Memorial approved for National Mall

Federal agencies have approved a memorial to commemorate deceased journalists to be installed on the National Mall by the end of 2028. The National Art Commission on Monday approved a project led by the Fallen Journalists Memorial Foundation with the goal of completing the memorial by the end of 2028.American Indian and Voice of America […]

Hodgepodge of media and political VIPs mingle at UTA’s ‘Celebration of America’s Journalists’

Spotted: Celebrities in Washington, New York, and Hollywood at an explosive bash hosted by the United Talent Agency (UTA) on the eve of the White House Correspondents Association (WHCA) dinner. On Friday night, Georgetown’s Fiora Mare hosted media representatives, prominent politicians, lawmakers, cable news stars and celebrities at UTA’s “Celebration of America’s Journalists” festival in […]

Politics & Inclusion dinner a night to celebrate journalists of color

For the second year in a row, some leading and up-and-coming journalists of color gathered on Friday for a political and inclusion dinner as part of the White House Correspondents’ Weekend. Media giants like Gale King, perfectly decked out in a royal blue jumpsuit, and April Ryan, in a flowing pink gown, were among those […]

Celebrities, Journalists Enraged as They Lose Blue Checkmarks on Twitter

There has been a lot of outrage over the past few days as the platform’s legacy system of blue “verified” checkmarks given to select users was dropped in favor of a new system open to all users willing to pay a subscription fee. The cacophony of has marked Twitter. The new regime will go into […]