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Broadway star Brian Stokes Mitchell belts out ‘Impossible Dream’ as LGBT club leader backs Gov. Kathy Hochul’s re-election bid

Gov. Kathy Hawkle’s “probably impossible dream” — winning reelection to another term — may just be easier. The governor won the endorsement of prominent LGBT political club leaders at an event in Manhattan on Wednesday night, where the announcement was followed shortly by Broadway star Brian Stokes Mitchell delivering a moving rendition of “The Impossible […]

Gov. Kathy Hochul considering delaying congestion pricing: report

New York Gov. Kathy Hockle is reportedly considering killing the state’s controversial congestion pricing plan because she fears it could hurt House Democrats in the November election, people familiar with the matter have suggested. Hawkle’s campaign recently began raising concerns about a plan to charge drivers $15 to enter Manhattan below 60th Street. Three people […]

Kathy Griffin says controversial fake Trump photo cost her one-third of her fans

Kathy Griffin says she lost “about a third” of her fans after a controversial photo shoot in which she held a bloody fake head made to resemble former President Donald Trump. The Emmy Award-winning comedian detailed the impact she experienced after the photos were made public in 2017. One of the effects she spoke about […]

Rep. Dean Phillips Presses New York Gov. Kathy Hochul to Pardon Donald Trump

Former Democratic presidential candidate Rep. Dean Phillips of Minnesota is pressuring New York Governor Kathy Hockal (D) to pardon former President Donald Trump, arguing that making him a martyr would help him “win the election.” “Donald Trump is a habitual liar, cheater, cheater, a six-time corporate bankruptcy declarer, instigator of insurrection, and a convicted felon […]

Dem Rep Calls On New York Gov Kathy Hochul To Pardon Trump ‘For The Good Of The Country’

Democratic Rep. Dean Phillips of Minnesota on Friday night called on New York’s Democratic Governor Kathy Hockle to pardon presumptive 2024 Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump “for the good of the country.” A Manhattan jury, known for being Democratic, convicted Trump on Thursday of 34 charges in a business records falsification case brought by Democratic […]