Robert F. Kennedy Jr. on Florida presidential ballot as Reform Party candidate

(The Center Square) – Robert F. Kennedy Jr. will appear on Florida ballots as a Reform Party candidate after the Florida Department of Elections recertified the party’s party status on Friday. “We are excited to give Floridians the choice to go independent in November,” Jennifer DeSatoff, chair of the Reform Party of Florida, said in […]

‘Selling Catheters On Late Night TV’: Sen. John Kennedy Torches Biden Over Border

Louisiana Republican Sen. John Kennedy on Tuesday slammed the wrap-up of a Fox News press conference regarding President Joe Biden’s executive orders on the U.S. southern border. Kennedy appeared on “The Ingraham Angle” to discuss Biden’s public statements about his new executive order on immigration. Fox host Laura Ingraham showed Kennedy the final clip from […]

Sen. Kennedy: This is grotesque

Sen. John Kennedy, R-La., joined ‘Hannity’ to discuss the significance of the ‘weaponization’ of the DOJ against former President … source

Kathleen Kennedy Pre-Blames Next Possible ‘Star Wars’ Flop on Male Fans

Kathleen Kennedy, the notorious franchise killer and Disney’s Lucasfilm Princess, is next Star Wars Failing Men Star Wars fan. This is What’s next? For those who are still stupid enough to care Star Wars… Acolytethe $180 million Disney+ streaming series premieres next week, and I’m not making this up. [emphasis added]:Acolyte The far-left press has […]

Kathleen Kennedy says male ‘Star Wars’ fans attack women

Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy has once again alienated “Star Wars” fans by saying that female employees of the franchise sometimes face personal attacks simply because the franchise has a predominantly male fanbase. Kennedy was speaking about the new series “Acolyte,” which will be the franchise’s first show created by a woman. Filmmaker Leslye Headland plans […]

Patrick Kennedy endorses President Biden over cousin Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Former Rep. Patrick J. Kennedy (D-Iowa) has endorsed President Biden for the White House, over a third-party bid by his cousin, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Kennedy, a mental health advocate, appeared on CNN’s “State of the Union” on Sunday to talk about his new book, “Courageous Profiles in Mental Health.” He said Biden is “the […]

Patrick Kennedy Endorses Joe Biden for President over Cousin RFK JR.

Former Rhode Island Congressman Patrick Kennedy (Democrat) has endorsed President Joe Biden in the upcoming 2024 presidential election over his cousin, independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. During an interview with CNN Trade Union Statusson of former Massachusetts Senator Ted Kennedy (Democrat) and former member of the House of Representatives. Explained Biden is the […]

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. adviser leaves campaign alleging ‘hateful and divisive atmosphere’

A senior adviser to independent candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. announced Wednesday that he was withdrawing from the campaign, citing a “growing atmosphere of rancor and discord,” a blow to a third-party bid that has been ramping up voting access efforts nationwide. Angela Stanton King, the campaign’s black voter outreach director, said the Kennedy campaign […]