‘Financial underdog’ Larry Hogan trying to flip blue Senate seat as billionaire Democrat has given his own campaign $41 million

Maryland‘s open Senate seat contest is more competitive than expected, leading Democrats and Republicans from across the country to pour millions of dollars into the state. With Sen. Ben Cardin (D-MD) retiring from Congress, both Democratic and Republican candidates are spending millions of dollars just a month ahead from the state’s primary.  The top contender […]

LARRY ELDER: Elites Would Rather Win Elections By Cheating Than Playing Fair

Consider the following proposition. “Suppose your favorite candidate loses a close election. But those in the campaign know that if they cheat, they can win without getting caught. Would you rather win by cheating or lose by playing fair? Only 7% of Americans said they would win by cheating. That’s according to a surprising new […]

Larry Hogan: ‘I still don’t have any burning desire to be a senator’

Former Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan (R), a candidate for the state Senate, said in an interview aired Sunday that he didn’t have a “burning desire” to be a senator, but ” “I had to run for the seat for a reason,” he said. A broken” system. “I don’t have a strong desire to be a […]

Larry Summers predicts AI threatens robust US job growth

Thomas Siebel said at the World Economic Forum’s annual meeting in Davos, Switzerland, that artificial intelligence is the fastest growing area of ​​the information technology industry in the last 40 years. told. The U.S. labor market remains strong after a historically tight year over the past year, but recent comments from prominent economist Larry Summers […]

Larry David takes in Knicks game with Susie Essman as ‘Curb’ finale looms

Larry David was feeling very, very good as he sat courtside during the Knicks’ 120-109 victory over the Kings on Thursday night at Madison Square Garden. The “Curb Your Enthusiasm” star was seated next to fellow castmate Susie Essman just three days before the show’s series finale, scheduled to air Sunday night. When David was […]

Maryland Dems worry planned tax hike carries dire consequence: Sen. Larry Hogan

Some Democrats believe pushing through the Legislature to collect hundreds of millions of dollars worth of taxes and fees could sway voters toward Republicans, enough to help former Gov. Larry Hogan win a Senate seat. Some people are concerned that it has a sexual nature. “If you go back to 2014 and 2018, I don’t […]


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