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Ukraine war briefing: Macron, Scholz agree Kyiv should use allies’ weapons against launchers in Russia | Ukraine

Ukraine should be allowed to use its allies’ weapons “Neutralize” Russian military bases used to launch missiles into Ukraine“We should not allow them access,” French President Emmanuel Macron said on Tuesday. Other Russian targetsand obviously in civilian capacity as well.” President Macron made the remarks during an official visit to Germany. Prime Minister Olaf Scholz, […]

IDF Finds Loaded Rocket Launchers in Rafah

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) discovered a loaded rocket launcher during an operation in Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip, now in its second week. In the days following the Oct. 7 terrorist attacks, near-constant rocket fire from Gaza into Israel has largely subsided. However, in recent weeks Hamas terrorists have fired rockets at the […]

Taliban Displays Rocket Launchers, Bombs Next To Artefacts In Afghan Museum

Afghan women are prohibited from visiting museums. Afghanistan, Mazar-e-Sharif: Along with antique Korans and ancient Afghan coins, the Mazar-e-Sharif Museum displays rocket launchers and homemade bombs as proof of the Taliban’s victory over foreign fighters. “There is no ancient history, but everything played an important role in the victory,” says Abdul Qayyum Ansari, the museum’s […]

U.S. Conducts More Airstrikes Against Houthi Anti-Ship Missile Launchers

The White House said Wednesday that additional U.S. airstrikes against the Iran-backed Houthi rebels in Yemen destroyed at least four anti-ship missiles that the Houthis had prepared to fire at ships in the Red Sea. . The Houthis nevertheless managed to attack a Greek-owned cargo ship with missiles, causing minor damage and diverting the ship […]

North Korea Recently Provided Russia With Ballistic Missiles, Launchers: US

A US official said the US intends to raise the issue of arms supplies to North Korea with the UN Security Council. Washington: The White House announced Thursday, citing newly declassified intelligence information, that North Korea recently provided ballistic missiles and launchers to Russia for use in Russia's war against Ukraine. National security spokesman John […]

Rocket Launchers, Mortar Shells Found In Gaza School, Claims Israel

Ammunition seized from a school in Gaza during an Israeli raid. The Israeli military announced this morning that it had found a rocket launcher and mortar shells inside a school for young children in the Gaza Strip, seeking to support claims that Hamas uses educational and medical facilities for its operations. RPGs, mortar shells and […]

Terrorist Rocket Launchers Found in Boy Scout Center, Mosque in Gaza

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) revealed on Monday that it had discovered more terrorist rocket launchers at highly sensitive civilian facilities in the Gaza Strip, including a Boy Scout youth center and a mosque. This is what we are finding in Gaza.The building where the children are playing is a Hamas rocket launch site.You have […]

IDF Identifies Hamas Rocket Launchers Near Children’s Playgrounds, Pools

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) announced on Sunday that IDF soldiers discovered Hamas rocket launchers near sensitive areas such as playgrounds as they penetrated deep into northern Gaza. The IDF said in a statement: During the fighting in the Gaza Strip, Israeli Defense Force soldiers are exposing how the terrorist organization Hamas systematically uses civilian […]

Hamas Fires Rockets On Israel, Launchers Bombed Right After

Screenshot of Hamas rocket launch video released by Israel New Delhi: Israeli forces have launched localized raids in the Gaza Strip in the past 24 hours ahead of expected ground offensives in areas controlled by the Hamas group. The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) posted a video on X (formerly Twitter) showing them bombing a Hamas […]