Family of Gabby Petito reveal ‘Burn After Reading’ letter

(Photo credit: Stephanie Keith/Getty Images) Brooke Mallory of OAN4:00 PM – Thursday, May 25, 2023 The parents of the 22-year-old blogger, who was strangled by her boyfriend while traveling in 2021, have drafted and published an open letter containing text from the mother who killed Petito. There they discuss the burial of the body. advertisement […]

48 House Democrats sign open letter supporting large-scale Israeli protests

House Democrats on Wednesday released an open letter expressing support for Israeli protesters against Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s push for judicial reform. The letter, signed by 48 Democratic lawmakers, is a call from protesters seeking to block Prime Minister Netanyahu’s push for judicial reform in the face of months of mass nationwide protests and […]

Yelp shares spike on activist letter, company responds

David Kelly, chief global strategist at JP Morgan, and Kenny Polcari, chief market strategist at Slatestone Wealth, provide insight into the Fed’s anti-inflation policy in “The Krumman Countdown.” Activist investor TCS Capital says Yelp hasn’t lived up to its potential and has called for action and a new CEO in the letter. “The purpose of […]

Harmeet Dhillon cease and desist letter Draft Tucker PAC

Attorney Hermit Dillon said in a cease and desist letter to the Tucker Draft PAC that there is no doubt that Tucker Carlson will run for president in 2024. Dillon stressed that Carlson will not run for office in 2024 and warned the PAC to stop soliciting money or information based on the idea of […]

In new letter, Janet Yellen warns Speaker McCarthy US will breach debt limit June 1

Former Congressional Budget Office Secretary Douglas Holz Eakin joined “Kabuto: Coast to Coast” to discuss the Republican push for working conditions amid the ongoing debt ceiling conflict. of wrote a new letter Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen has warned House Speaker Kevin McCarthy that unless Congress and the president reach an increase in the debt ceiling, […]

Brennan, Clapper Knew Russian Collusion Was a Hoax But Cooked Up Spy Letter

Former Intelligence Officers Know That “Russian Collusion” Was A Hoax Concocted By Hillary Clinton During The 2016 Presidential Election But Will Support Joe Biden In The 2020 Presidential Election attempted to concoct another conspiracy to accuse Russia of terrorism, according to a recently released report. A final report released last week by Special Counsel John […]

IRS whistleblower letter accuses DOJ of retaliation in Hunter Biden probe

Lawyers for the IRS whistleblower claim the entire whistleblower team was removed from the Hunter Biden investigation, accusing the government of unlawful retaliation, according to a letter sent to the Senate and Senate Judiciary Committees. are doing. The whistleblower’s attorney told Congress the removal was ordered by the Justice Department. “Today is, Internal Revenue Service […]