GOP Embraced ‘Big Fat Liar’ Trump, Now they ‘Embrace the Value of Lying’

MSNBC contributor Claire McCaskill said on Monday’s “Deadline” that the Republican Party is now accepting “the value of lies” because it embraced the “big liar” former President Donald Trump. Anchor Nicole Wallace said, “Claire, I think you and I are a relic of a time when we could disagree on things, many things, big things, […]

Biden Is A Liar – TheBlaze

‘LevinTV’ host Mark Levin once again exposed Joe Biden’s lies earlier this week. “Joe Biden is a pathological, serial, psychic liar,” Levin said. Biden has made Medicare and Social Security a topic of conversation, spreading the lie that Republicans want to cut spending in those areas. He also said inflation was contained and food prices […]

Microsoft’s AI Chatbot Called A Reporter Ugly, A Liar, And Hitler

Microsoft is trying to curb its Bing AI chatbot after calling an Associated Press reporter an ugly, liar and Hitler. daily wire. The reporter was embarrassed after the chatbot denied the search results were false and threatened to expose the reporter for lying. This is what Bing Chat said. you are lying to yourself you […]

George Santos admits he’s a ‘terrible liar’ in Piers Morgan sit-down

Tell us what we don’t know, George. Nearly two months after telling the Post that he was guilty of “embellishing my resume” during his successful 2022 House election, Long Island Rep. George Santos took it one step further on Monday. , told broadcaster and post-columnist Piers Morgan: liar. “ The 34-year-old Republican is under investigation […]

Biden booed and called a “Liar” by Republicans at SOTU

US Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor-Green (R-GA) gives a thumbs-up during President Joe Biden’s State of the Union Address during the Joint Session of Congress at the Capitol in Washington, DC, February 7, 2023. The speech is Biden’s first address to the new Republican-controlled House of Representatives. (Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images) OAN Sophia Flores8:53 PM PT […]