Joe Biden’s great-great-grandfather was pardoned by Abraham Lincoln | Joe Biden

Joe Biden’s great-grandfather was charged with attempted murder after a Civil War-era brawl, but Abraham Lincoln was pardoned for his misdeeds, a newspaper reported on Monday, reinstated on the US President’s Day holiday. The issue of presidential pardon power is often a topic of debate. Citing documents from the U.S. National Archives, historian David J. […]

President Biden’s great-great-grandfather was pardoned by Abraham Lincoln, documents show

President Biden’s great-grandfather was pardoned by President Lincoln, according to newly discovered documents at the National Archives. According to documents reviewed by the newspaper, Mr. Biden’s relative, Moses J. Robinette, camped along the Rappahannock River near Beverly Ford, Virginia, on March 12, 1864, during the height of the Civil War. While there, he got into […]

Documents Reveal Abraham Lincoln, Joe Biden’s 160-Year Old Civil War Connection

According to a Washington Post article (file), this story “has waited 160 years to be told.” Abraham Lincoln reportedly pardoned Joe Biden’s great-grandfather after a late-night brawl during the Civil War era, documents show the two US presidents had a centuries-old connection It is shown in The U.S. National Archives’ court martial records, reported by […]

The party of Lincoln worshipped the rule of law. The party of Trump will dismantle it.

In a solemn courtroom, on January 6, President Ronald Reagan’s Judge Royce Lamberth sentenced yet another defendant to prison. appointee, expressed his dissatisfaction For the lack of respect for the law shown by many of the rebels: “Courts are used to defendants refusing to admit they’ve done anything wrong. But in my 37 years as […]

Lincoln Project releases ‘Trump smells’ ad

The Lincoln Project has released an ad targeting former President Trump and attempting to capitalize on the social media buzz surrounding the #TrumpSmells hashtag. The post included, “Are you Donald?” The ad, with the hashtag #TrumpSmells, was posted on X (formerly Twitter) by an anti-Trump group on Saturday. The 40-second ad features a series of […]

Lincoln Memorial vandalized with pro-Palestine graffiti

The Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C., was vandalized with pro-Palestinian messages, and the steps leading up to the memorial were splattered with paint. Messages reading “Liberate Palestine,” “Liberate Gaza,” and “Give us back our land” were spray-painted on walls, and the paint spread across the west staircase and reflecting pool of the building near the […]

Lincoln Memorial Vandalized with ‘Free Gaza’ Graffiti

Washington, D.C.'s iconic Lincoln Memorial has been desecrated with a “Free Gaza” message, reports said Wednesday, as Israel's war against Hamas terrorists continues. UPI said Vandalism struck one of the nation's most beloved and emotional memorial sites on the mall's west end between Tuesday and early Wednesday morning. Crews were called to clean up the […]

Lincoln Memorial Vandalized, “Free Gaza” Written

The Pro-Trump News homepage sees 60 new headlines every 24 hours. Click here to take a look. Vandals destroyed the Lincoln Memorial and wrote “Liberate Gaza” in red paint. We will be temporarily closed. ABC News reported: The Lincoln Memorial was temporarily closed as cleaning crews began removing graffiti on the national monument that read […]


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