NYC Council blasted as ‘out of touch’ by local GOP politicians for swatting down Mayor Eric Adams’ ‘harmful’ call to change sanctuary policy to deport migrants accused of crime

The Democratic-controlled New York City Council has been “not contacted” by local Republicans for rejecting Mayor Eric Adams’ call to change the Big Apple’s sanctuary policy to more easily deport immigrants accused of crimes. “We’re not getting it,” he said, harshly criticizing the situation. City Council President Adrian Adams on Wednesday called Hizzoner’s proposal “harmful” […]

Hollywood residents grow frustrated with local leaders over homeless problem

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Federal Agencies Profit from Refugees, but State and Local Govt’s Lose

A celebratory report from the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) says the federal government gained $37.5 billion, or 8.7%, from the resident population of 2.9 million refugees and asylum seekers in the 15 years ending in 2020. The report also notes that imported refugees cost taxpayers who fund state and local governments $21.4 […]

Fargo loses challenge to North Dakota’s crackdown on local gun control laws

State District Judge Shelley Clark dismissed Fargo’s lawsuit against a North Dakota law limiting local gun control measures. The challenged law prohibits zoning ordinances related to guns and ammunition, and Fargo state law prohibits the sale of firearms from residential buildings. “While the court agrees that (the North Dakota Constitution) contemplates “maximum local autonomy,” this […]

Dance team for the budget-strapped NYPD goes viral after cringe performance on local TV

Members of the New York City Police Department’s dance team received national attention this week, but likely not for the reasons they expected, as their performance on a local news broadcast went viral on social media. Until this clip was published on the Internet, most Americans, and perhaps even most New Yorkers, probably didn’t know […]

Nigerians protest over skyrocketing inflation as local currency hits record low value

Nigerians are facing the West African nation’s worst economic crisis in years, caused by soaring inflation as a result of monetary policies that pushed the currency to record lows against the dollar. The situation sparked anger and protests across the country. Inflation rose to 29.9% in January, the highest since 1996, mainly driven by food […]


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