Google loses $96B in value on Gemini fallout as CEO does damage control

Wall Street Journal editorial board members react to backlash over Google’s Gemini AI tool and slam Vice President Harris’ Varney & Co.’s new student voting program. Google’s parent company Alphabet has taken a hit in the stock market after it discontinued features in its artificial intelligence tool Gemini after users pointed out the company’s bias […]

Prince Harry Loses Case Against UK Over Change In Personal Security Level

It is said that they will no longer be able to receive the same level of protection from public funds. London: Prince Harry on Wednesday lost a court case against the British government over the decision to change his security level during his visit to the country. Charles III’s youngest son launched legal action against […]

Irish Woman Loses $820,000 Injuries Claim After Being Seen Tossing Christmas Tree

The woman claimed that the pain continued while she was participating in the competition. An Irish court has dismissed Camila Grabska’s $820,000 injury claim after she was photographed throwing a five-foot spruce at a charity event in January 2018. . Mr. Grabska, 36, sued his insurance company, claiming the Feb. 3, 2017 crash left him […]

Fox’s Kilmeade: If Trump listens to Bannon, Gaetz ‘he loses’

FOX News host Brian Kilmeade told former President Trump that former White House chief of staff Steve Bannon and Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Florida), one of his closest allies in Congress, He warns people not to listen to their opinions. “I think both candidates need to realize this: If Joe Biden listens to his team, he’s […]

Google parent loses $70B in market value after ‘woke’ AI chatbot disaster

Google’s parent company lost 700 million yen in market capitalization in one business day with bizarre image debacle for its “woke” chatbot, sparking fresh investor concerns about the company’s much-touted AI tools. Lost over a billion dollars. Alphabet stock fell 4.4% on the first day of trading on Monday, closing at $138.75. Shares of Google’s […]

Nikki Haley Loses Major Supporter

The Pro-Trump News homepage sees 60 new headlines every 24 hours. Click here to take a look. Nikki Haley’s presidential campaign continues to suffer major losses. Even those who supported her are now losing support. Americans for Prosperity, a network with ties to billionaire Charles Koch, no longer funds her. “With South Carolina’s presidential primary […]

Fargo loses challenge to North Dakota’s crackdown on local gun control laws

State District Judge Shelley Clark dismissed Fargo’s lawsuit against a North Dakota law limiting local gun control measures. The challenged law prohibits zoning ordinances related to guns and ammunition, and Fargo state law prohibits the sale of firearms from residential buildings. “While the court agrees that (the North Dakota Constitution) contemplates “maximum local autonomy,” this […]

The Russian Olympic Committee loses appeal against its suspension

The Russian Olympic Committee has lost its appeal against its suspension by the International Olympic Committee. The Court of Arbitration for Sport announced on Friday that it had rejected the Republic of China’s appeal against the suspension imposed in October. The IOC opposed the Republic of China’s merger of four sports organizations representing the eastern […]


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