17-year-old male accused of using ticketing machine to pummel train conductor’s face; 2nd conductor tried to help but got ‘thrown around’ train’; victims hospitalized

Earlier this week, a 17-year-old man was charged with using a ticket machine to repeatedly punch a Long Island Railroad conductor in the face. A second conductor who tried to help was also punched in the face and “thrown around the train,” one official said. Both victims were hospitalized. Detail is? The suspect was driving […]

What happens when we can no longer differentiate a human from a machine?

What it means to be human is often associated with metaphysical qualities such as being ‘conscious’, having a ‘soul’, and exercising ‘free will’.But for artificial intelligence (AI) systems, like an improved version Chat GPT — having the same qualities as a mathematician Alan Turing’s imitation gamethen learn something new about reality. That metaphysical properties are […]

Russia Preparing to Widen Conscription to Bolster War Machine: UK Intel

British intelligence says Russia is preparing to expand conscription to bolster its military strength. among them saturday update In the course of the war in Ukraine, the UK Ministry of Defense (MoD) said that members of the House of Commons (the lower house of the Russian Federation parliament) “have submitted a bill to change the […]

The ‘Great Covid-19 Lie Machine’ Worked to Censor ‘True Stories’

In the latest Twitter Files report published on Friday, journalist and author Matt Taibbi revealed that Twitter is partnering with the Virality Project. The Virality Project warned social media platforms of “true stories that may encourage hesitation”, claiming “anti-vaccine” accounts were retweeting. Ironically, while performing a search for the term “surveillance state”, I looked for […]

Italian’s espresso machine a hit at World Baseball Classic

Old baseball players would be appalled. The Italian dugout at the World Baseball Classic is equipped with an espresso machine. And it’s getting a lot of attention. “Actually, we’re shocked, because this is like water in Italian culture. So coffee would be right after water,” said Italian manager Mike Piazza. Piazza is happy with the […]

Nigerians Lament Slow Vote Count, Voting Machine Failures, Election Day Violence

Nigerian voters on Monday complained of delayed polling, malfunctioning voting machines and violence at some polling stations as the outcome of Saturday’s presidential election remained in doubt. As of Monday afternoon, the results were still On hold From about two-thirds of Nigeria’s 36 states.Early calls were made in Lagos, ostensibly home to ruling party candidate […]

McConnell calls Ukraine aid a ‘direct investment’ for US against Putin’s ‘war machine’

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky. It is a counter to President Vladimir Putin’s “war machine”. The Senate Minority Leader said: statement On Friday, US national security is tied to European stability and security, preventing Russian forces from advancing on the continent. “As the Republican leader and I have explained, helping the Ukrainian people defend […]