Assistant Principal Says 8-Year-Olds Should Access Books ‘Referencing Pornography And Dirty Magazines’

Eight-year-olds should have access to books that “mention pornography and dirty magazines,” an assistant principal said Tuesday at a hearing before the Florida Board of Education. Garrett Jones, assistant principal at Terwilliger Elementary School, was furious about whether sexual literature should be allowed in schools after the book “Melissa,” which features a transgender fourth-grader, sparked […]

NY magazine’s financial advice columnist lost $50K to scam

A financial advice columnist for New York Magazine has admitted that he was swindled out of $50,000 by a scammer claiming to be a CIA agent and ordered to hand over a shoebox full of cash to a courier in a white Mercedes. Charlotte Cowles, who writes a financial advice column for The Cut, a […]

Publisher of Sports Illustrated Lays Off Magazine’s Entire Staff

owner of sports illustrated terminated the employment of all of the magazine's staff, putting the very survival of the nearly 70-year-old magazine in jeopardy. Licensing Group, which owns sports magazines, Ended Three weeks after Arena failed to pay a $2.8 million deficit in violation of the magazine's licensing agreement, the company reached an agreement with […]

Patrick Dempsey named People magazine’s ‘Sexiest Man Alive’

Patrick Dempsey has earned a new title as People magazine’s 2023 Sexiest Man Alive. Publication announced on Tuesday night Dempsey earned the coveted honor and the cover he deserved. The 57-year-old star took the crown from last year’s champion, “Captain America” ​​actor Chris Evans. “I’m glad it’s happening at this point in my life,” the […]

4 Outspoken Christians Land on Time Magazine’s ‘100 Next’ List for 2023

time The magazine’s annual “Next 100” list includes several outspoken Christians, including a prominent church co-pastor, an NFL star and an astronaut. of time next 100 The list was created in 2019 to recognize “up-and-coming leaders in health, climate, business, sports, the arts and more,” according to the magazine. The list includes outspoken Christians, including […]

Federal judge strikes down California ban of certain gun magazines

A federal judge has struck down a California law that prohibits gun owners from having removable magazines with more than 10 rounds. U.S. District Judge Roger Benitez issued the ruling Friday, which does not take effect immediately. Benitez had already lifted the ban on certain magazines in 2017, but an appeals court reversed that decision. […]

David Hogg guns 10-round magazines

Gun control activist David Hogg has suggested that 10 rounds per magazine should be enough for gun owners. “If you need more than 10 rounds to hit something, you need longer range or glasses instead of a big magazine. Well, if you’re that bad of a shooter, it’s safer to have a baseball bat. Because […]

Michigan State University gunman had two handguns and multiple loaded magazines: report

Michigan State University shooter Anthony McRae was carrying two handguns and multiple loaded magazines when police found him dead of self-inflicted gunshot wounds Monday night. I was. Fox 2 Detroit report. McRae, 43, opened fire inside an academic hall on MSU’s campus at approximately 8:18 p.m., walked to the student union, and opened fire, killing […]


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