Bill Maher’s face Neil deGrasse Tyson refuses to define man’

Bill Maher’s “Club Random” podcast certainly stays true to its name by hosting random characters. One recent example is Neil deGrasse Tyson, who believes so much in science that he cannot define what it means to be human. “What makes a man a man? Is it because of hormones? OK, if it’s hormones, you decided […]

Maher’s explanation of “what this country is” Candace Owens

Bill Maher doesn’t always hit the mark, but when he does, he’s usually funny. During a recent episode of “Club Random with Bill Maher,” Candace Owens couldn’t help but laugh at Maher’s explanation of “What is this country?” “This country reminds me of medieval European countries where five-year-olds ascend to the throne and inherit it,” […]

Crowd stunned Bill Maher’s rant why kids should skip college

Conservatives and liberals may often be at odds, but Dave Rubin believes that most of the latter are starting to wake up. Bill Maher is one of them. Mr. Maher’s message departs significantly from the typical liberal talking points that most left-wing speakers unconsciously repeat. “Reasonable liberals end up becoming more conservative,” Rubin explains, showing […]

Brett Maher’s missed extra points made history in a bad way for the Cowboys

The NFL Tampa Bay Buccaneers versus dallas cowboys We want something historic for Wild Card weekend Monday Night Football. Ma has been honored. Maher attempted to double the score four times in a row. It may come as no surprise that he has never had three consecutive misses in NFL playoff history, but it is […]


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