United Methodists Lift Bans on LGBTQ+ Clergy and Same-Sex Marriages in Historic Vote

The United Methodist Church, one of the oldest denominations in the United States, voted Wednesday to remove its ban on LGBTQ+ clergy and same-sex marriage, a move that came as no surprise to the cultural and Christian community. It was historic considering the church’s influence on the church. . UMC representatives approved the changes at […]

Evangelical Leader Rico Tice Leaves Church of England Following Blessing of Same-Sex Marriages

Prominent evangelical leader and former Anglican minister Rico Tice has left the denomination, citing its departure from Biblical orthodoxy. Mr Tice, a former senior minister at All Souls in London’s Langham Place, said: modern evangelicalism He currently attends the International Presbyterian Church (IPC) in Ealing, London. He and five other leaders of CofE-affiliated parachurch organizations […]

Have open marriages gone mainstream? – podcast | News

when Molly Rhoden Winter One night, fed up with her husband coming home so late that she couldn’t take care of their children, she ran away from home, and things took an unexpected turn. She went to a bar with her friend and she ended up meeting a much younger man. But she told Helen […]

Church of England supports blessings for same-sex marriages on trial basis

The Church of England’s governing body narrowly voted to support a special service to bless same-sex couples on a trial basis, but Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby abstained, highlighting deep divisions on the topic. said. The CoE, the center of the Anglican Communion of 85 million members in 165 countries, adheres to the teaching that […]