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Half of U.S. Young Adults Say Open Marriages Are ‘Acceptable’

Young people, as well as Democrats, LGBTQ+ individuals, and people who live with their partners, are increasingly interested in open marriages, or marriages in which both spouses agree to date or have sex with the other person. Most Accepted – Pew Research Center found. The survey, conducted with 5,073 respondents between April 10 and 16 […]

Hong Kong Top Court’s Big Move On Recognising Overseas Same-Sex Marriages

The decision could also affect Asian financial hubs from Tokyo to Singapore (Representative) Hong Kong: Hong Kong’s Supreme Court on Tuesday partially approved a landmark appeal by LGBTQ activists seeking recognition of same-sex marriage abroad, offering alternative legislation for such couples to justify basic social needs. I asked for a framework. The ruling ends a […]

West Virginia bans child marriages for age 15 and younger

West Virginia no longer allows marriage for children under the age of 16 after the governor signed a compromise on Wednesday. A law signed by Republican Gov. Jim Justice continues to allow children aged 16 and 17 to marry with restrictions.Under the new law, these minors will have parental consent You must and cannot marry […]

West Virginia House Passes Bill that Would Ban Child Marriages

A bill to ban child marriage is scheduled to go to the West Virginia Senate after passing the state House on Wednesday. Passed 84-13 by the Republican-led House of Representatives, the bill establishes the age of consent for marriage at 18 and removes the ability of minors to obtain consent through their parents, legal guardians, […]

Same-Sex Marriages to Receive Blessings in the Church of England

Same-sex marriage will receive a “Prayer for God’s Blessings” for the first time in the Church of England after a vote in the General Assembly, the legislative body of the established Church of England. On Thursday, the Synod’s three chambers voted in favor of officially recognizing gay marriage for the first time, and priests were […]