Mexican President Wrongly Claimed Mass Murder Victims Were Buying Drugs

Mexico's attorney general has revealed that the five medical students who were kidnapped and murdered by cartel gunmen were not involved in drug trafficking and were simply spending time at a water park. The information contradicts previous claims by Mexico's president, who sought to distract attention from the massacre by claiming the victims were trying […]

Mass Surrender, Arrest, or Both?

Videos and photos of scores of Palestinian men stripped to their underwear, blindfolded and handcuffed in Gaza went viral on Thursday, with Israel's critics claiming there had been mass arrests and pro-Israel bloggers They claimed to be terrorists who had turned themselves in. Breitbart News will not publish these images due to our practice of […]

Arizona Border Surge Results in Mass Migrant Releases into United States by Biden Admin

TUCSON, Ariz. — Breitbart Texas observed a steady stream of crowded buses transporting migrants from Border Patrol processing facilities to the Casa Alitas Migrant Welcome Center in Tucson. As each bus carrying migrants released by the Border Patrol arrived at the center Wednesday, a simultaneous stream of buses, taxis and tour vans transported the newly […]

Mass Murder Suspect Was Previously Bonded Out By Soros-Funded Group

The group that captured the man accused of killing six people and shooting three others is backed by millions of dollars in left-wing dark money, according to tax filings. Shane James, the man arrested Tuesday as the sole suspect in a series of attacks that left six people dead, had previously been released from jail […]

‘We’ve Had Enough,’ Says Texas Border Mayor on Mass Migration Disaster

Rolando Salinas, the mayor of Eagle Pass, Texas, took to social media this weekend to express his frustration with the surge of immigrants flocking to his small town. Describing the constant influx of migrants into the city as an immigration disaster, Salinas visited one of the busiest migrant crossing points in Texas while visiting the […]

Memorials to victims of Maine’s deadliest mass shootings to be displayed at museum

Volunteers and city workers on Tuesday removed memorabilia, signs and other items piled up at the site of the deadliest mass shooting in Maine’s history, reflecting the changing seasons and a new chapter in the region’s recovery. The handwritten autographs, cards, bouquets and other items (more than 1,000 items) will be archived, cataloged and prepared […]