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Iranian Mechanic Killed After Being Sucked Into Airplane Engine: REPORT

A mechanic was killed after being sucked into an airplane’s engine while performing routine maintenance work in Iran, the Daily Mail reported Tuesday. Abolfazl Amiri, a local mechanic, was working on a Boeing 737-500 for Iranian domestic airline Varesh Airlines after the aircraft landed at Chabahar Konarak International Airport in southern Iran, according to the […]

Mechanic killed after being sucked into Boeing plane’s engine

An aircraft mechanic was tragically killed after being sucked into the engine of a Boeing passenger jet. Local engineer Abolfazl Amiri was carrying out routine maintenance work at Chabahar Konarak Airport in southern Iran when the accident occurred. The plane’s right wing engine was operated for a test check with its cover flaps open. According […]

Exxon ordered to pay $725M to mechanic who claimed toxic chemicals caused cancer

A Pennsylvania jury has ordered ExxonMobil to pay $725.5 million to a former mechanic who claimed toxic chemicals in the company’s gasoline and solvents caused his cancer, plaintiffs’ lawyers said. Ta. After a trial in Philadelphia state court, former mechanic Paul Gill claims he was exposed to benzene in ExxonMobil products while working at a […]

Police fatally shoot bus mechanic who killed co-worker

A Florida bus mechanic was caught on camera killing one of his co-workers at “point-blank range” with a gun he had hidden in his lunchbox, before dying in a shootout with police. Police say Rafael Molina, 59, was seen on surveillance video ambushing and fatally shooting Warren Chambers, 42, as he finished his night shift […]

Colorado mechanic, Jeff Capps, quits job for South Pole gig

A Colorado auto mechanic decides to quit his job at an American car dealership for an unusual job in Antarctica, the coldest place on Earth. According to SWNS, 33-year-old Jeff Capps traveled 9,000 miles around the world for work in Antarctica. Temperatures in Antarctica often reach -60 degrees Celsius, and it is pitch black for […]

South Carolina auto mechanic discovers 8-foot albino boa coiled around car engine

An 8-foot-tall albino boa constrictor was found wrapped around a car engine at a South Carolina dealership Tuesday morning. The exotic snake was found coiled under the hood of a 2015 Ford Focus at Beech Automotive in Myrtle Beach, according to a Facebook post by Russell Cavender, also known as the “Snake Chaser.” It was […]

Georgie mechanic Miles Walker to pay $40K in back wages

Georgia auto mechanic dumped 91,500 greasy pennies in driveway to pay employee’s last paycheck, now ordered to pay $40,000 in additional unpaid wages and damages there is Miles Walker, owner of A OK Walker Autoworks in Peachtree City, Georgia, was ordered by a federal judge to pay $39,934 in unpaid balances and damages. the labor […]