Gen Z: More Women Than Men Are Religiously Unaffiliated

Recent research shows that the percentage of young women who have left the church and identify as religiously independent is increasing. of investigationThe study, released last week by the American Lifestyle Research Center, took a nationally representative sample of 5,459 American adults in 2023 and surveyed their views on religion. When compared to older generations, […]

Donald Trump Nearly Doubles Support Among Black Men, Women Since 2020

Thirty percent of black men and 11% of black women plan to vote for former President Donald Trump in 2024. wall street journal Thursday’s poll found a significant increase from 2020 data. Losing black support would be a blow to President Joe Biden’s re-election campaign. Flashback — CNN’s Enten: Poll Shows Significant Decrease in Democratic […]

13 young Hasidic Jewish men charged for Brooklyn synagogue tunnel fracas

All 13 young members of the Hasidic Jewish community have reportedly pleaded not guilty to charges related to the defacement of a wall at a famous Brooklyn synagogue that led to a mayhem that was caught on camera during Wednesday’s arraignment. A tunnel discovered under a synagogue in January. The discovery of the tunnel caused […]

7 Reasons Why Men Tend to Hate Fellowship in Church Small Groups

mike leak | borrowed light | Has been updated: April 10, 2024 provided by Most pastors will tell you the importance of small groups. I know from personal experience that when someone is connected in a small group, they are more likely to be involved in the broader ministry and more involved in the life […]

6 former Mississippi law officers sentenced in state court for torture of 2 Black men

Six former Mississippi law enforcement officers who had already been sentenced to federal prison but pleaded guilty to a slew of state and federal charges for torturing two black men were sentenced Wednesday in state court. . Six white former Mississippi law enforcement officers who attacked Michael Corey Jenkins and Eddie Terrell Parker in January […]

Salon Blames MAGA for Deep-Blue NYC Men Punching Women in Face

In the cities Joe Biden won 76 percent Among the votes, far-left salons are blaming Donald Trump supporters for a spate of assaults on unsuspecting women. Women across Democratic-controlled New York City say they have been brutalized while minding their own business. It’s so prevalent now that even the corporate media is picking up the […]

Study Discovers Link Between Men With Infertility, Families’ Cancer Risk

Family members of men diagnosed with infertility may be at increased risk for certain cancers (typical) New Delhi: Family members of men diagnosed with infertility may be at increased risk of certain cancers, including those of the colon and testicles, a new study has found. Men who experience infertility are known to be more likely […]

Liberal Writer Says Men Punching NYC Women In The Face Is Somehow Trump’s Fault

The recent spate of punches in the face by young women in New York City is “the last desperate gasp of MAGA-fueled male rage,” a liberal reporter at Salon Magazine argued in an op-ed Monday. The epidemic of pretty young women getting their faces soaked, mostly by men, plaguing Manhattan and its suburban boroughs has […]


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