Delivery Man Mercilessly Kills Angie Harmon’s Dog

Actress Angie Harmon, known for her roles in “Law & Order” and “Charlotte,” said her dog was shot and killed by an Instacart delivery man. Harmon posted a lengthy post on her Instagram account on Monday detailing the horror that allegedly occurred on her doorstep. “This past Easter weekend, a man delivering groceries for Instacart […]

Report saying blacks have longer commutes — about 7 minutes longer per day — than whites in Philly is being mercilessly mocked

A report showing that black workers in Philadelphia commute longer than white workers, about seven minutes a day, has been mercilessly ridiculed. What are the details? quoting, report By the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia, PhillyVoice pointed out Nationally, black workers commute 5% longer than white workers, but in Philadelphia, black workers commute 11% longer […]

Celebs Mercilessly Mocked for Auctions in Support of Striking Hollywood Writers

A group of Hollywood celebrities will participate in a series of eBay auctions, with the proceeds going to help those in need who have lost income during the ongoing WGA writers’ strike, but the auction’s sky-high price tag X number of users take to social media to mock the exclusive and expensive initiative. The name […]

Lindsey Graham Mercilessly Heckled During Home-State Trump Rally

South Carolina Republican Senator Lindsay Graham was booed by the crowd as she took the stage to address a Trump rally in her home state on Saturday. Graham is flew a heckler On Saturday, he spoke for nearly six minutes at a Trump rally in the presence of local Trump supporters including Georgia Rep. Marjorie […]