UFC champ Sean Strickland mercilessly eviscerates reporter in anti-woke, profanity-laden rant: ‘You’re a weak f***ing man’

UFC champion Sean Strickland grills reporters during an anti-woke, profanity-laced tirade during Wednesday's press conference ahead of his fight with Doricus du Plessis this weekend in Toronto. I watered it down.

What are the details?

Before the reporter could ask his first question, Strickland took the initiative and asked the reporter if he was Canadian, to which the reporter replied that he was. In response, Mr. Strickland asked a reporter if he was “part of the fucking opposition” – likely referring to the Canadian Conservatives led by Pierre Poièvre.

The reporter said he did not know how to respond. Strickland asked a reporter if he would vote for left-wing Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, but the reporter said he had no intention of answering the question. With that, Mr. Stickland told the assembled audience that such a response probably suggested the reporter had voted for Mr. Trudeau.

Later, in an attempt to ask the first question, the reporter told Strickland, “We have a pretty supportive gay and lesbian community in this city,” before referring to Strickland's purported remark. . Outkick said Appearing on “X” in December 2021, he said, “If I had a gay son, I would think I had failed as a man by making him vulnerable like that.”

Strickland didn't like that and repeatedly interrupted the reporter's questions before asking him if he was gay. The reporter told Strickland that he is an “ally” to the LGBTQ community. Mr. Strickland fired back at the reporter, asking him how he would feel if he had a gay son, to which the reporter replied, “No problem.”

“You're a weak fucking man, dude.”

“Well, then you're a weak son of a bitch, dude,” Strickland said. “You're part of this fucking problem. You elected Justin Trudeau. … Just like you're just pathetic when he seizes your bank account.”

Strickland was likely referring to the 2022 Canadian truck driver protests over vaccination mandates that led to the Trudeau government establishing emergency powers and freezing many bank accounts. Conceivable.

But Strickland wasn't done yet. “You don't have a fucking backbone and he shut down a fucking country and seized his bank accounts and you ask me such stupid questions.” Go fuck yourself. Stop fucking me, dude, you fucking coward. ”

Despite the beer brand's disastrous partnership with transgender activist Dylan Mulvaney, reporters turned to Strickland's statement last October after the UFC announced a partnership with Bud Light. “You know how I feel about transgender people,” Strickland said at the time. “I fuck hard. That's my job. I'm biological women's biggest advocate.”

A reporter asked Strickland if he planned to use his platform regarding the upcoming fight to speak out against Bud Light.

“That's the thing about Bud Light,” Strickland said. “Ten years ago, being trans was a shitty mental illness, and now all of a sudden there's people like you messing up your path.” [into] world. you are infected. You are the definition of weakness. Everything that’s wrong with the world is because of fucking you. And the best thing is, the world won't buy it, the world won't buy the shitty cow you're peddling. The world isn't saying, “Do you understand?” you're right. There are some badass women out there. The world doesn't say that. The world says, “No, he has two genders.” I don't want my kids being told at school who they can have sex with. I don't want my children to be taught about sexual preferences. ”

Strickland then berated the reporter again, saying, “This guy is the fucking enemy. You want to see the fucking enemy of our world? That's what that son of a bitch out there is asking stupid shit.” That's a question. ”

Finally, Mr. Strickland claimed he had no problem with the LGBTQ community and said he was in favor of a live-and-let-let-live deal, but recently the LGBTQ community has received more attention than he is comfortable with. I also added a warning that I've seen people requesting this.

“Don't say that to your kids, don't teach them that in school, don't impose your agenda, don't try to force them.” **Don't try to get past the parents because they are brainwashing people. .'' Strickland said.

Content warning: language:

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