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Trump shared this two-word message moments after Biden’s remarks on assassination attempt

Former President Donald Trump briefly called for unity on social media platforms on Sunday, moments after President Biden addressed the nation about the assassination attempt on his Republican rival. “Let’s unite America!” Trump, 78, wrote on Truth Social. The presumptive 2024 Republican presidential nominee’s message echoed comments from Biden at the White House, where he […]

Jalen Brunson posts message to Knicks fans after $113M contract gift

Jalen Brunson’s message to Knicks fans is simple. Brunson has $113 million in cash on hand after signing a four-year, $156.5 million contract extension rather than waiting until next summer to sign a max contract. Posted a Statue of Liberty emoji on X account Friday night. There was already a lot of love between Brunson […]

Davante Adams sends message to Chargers after ‘garbage’ post

Davante Adams is apparently having some sort of feud with a division rival’s social media team. During an appearance on “Up and Adams” on Tuesday, the Raiders’ star wide receiver fired back at the Chargers, who featured his picture next to a box of trash-flavored imitation Pop-Tarts when they released the team’s schedule in May. […]

Matthew McConaughey cautions son of losing ‘safety net’ in emotional birthday message

Matthew McConaughey is far from looking stunned or confused. The father of three is insightful and introspective, having recorded an emotional birthday message for his eldest son, Levi, which he shared on Instagram, offering some practical advice. “Okay, Levi, you’re about to reach that age,” McConaughey began, “You’ll soon be on your own, and I […]

PM Modi Congratulates Keir Starmer For Win, Has A Message For Rishi Sunak

PM Modi sent messages to both Keir Starmer and Rishi Sunak. New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi today congratulated Keir Starmer on his victory in the UK elections and said he looked forward to a positive working relationship with the Labour leader. He also sent a message to outgoing Chancellor Rishi Sunak. Mr Starmer is […]

Nayib Bukele’s July 4th message

As people across the United States commemorate the Fourth of July, Salvadoran President Najib Bukele noted that Salvadorans draw inspiration from the founding ideals of the United States, but not from those of modern America. “To my fellow Americans, Happy Independence Day! We admire you, not for the ideals you hold today, but for the […]